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My dogs calcium level is 12.5 it was listed as high. What causes

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My dogs calcium level is 12.5 it was listed as high. What causes high calcium levels?? This occurred right after our older dog died. She also eats little drinks little and pees alot. She has ulcerated paws and an. Ear infection the doctor gave her shots 1.25 convenia 10ml. And. 30 methylpred 40 mg/ 5 ml depo medrol. I heard high ca means cancer. She has been lethargic too. But her paws ulceration or pododermatitis required a pro collar and she can still reach her paws to lick them. So ca high on blood test and with the symptoms of low eatting drinking lethargy and ear and paw infection. I stat was HCt of 55 PH. Of 7.31. And PCO2 of 43. Whats wrong????
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

The average range of Calcium is from 9.5 - 12.0, so your dog is only very, very barely high.

As you may or may not know, calcium levels can be raised by things like diet, hormone levels (in not spayed or neutered dogs) or even low protein levels (we often see an elevated calcium with a low protein). As a general rule, a higher-than-normal calcium lvel can indicate things like cancer or kidney disease.

If Sock came into our clinic and had such a light increase, we would actually give it a couple weeks and then re-test...just to be sure. Sometimes blood levels can also be skewed due to human error or as a result of medications.

At only 3 years of age...I don't think that we should be worrying about cancer just yet. Let's allow her to finish the medications and then give it a few weeks and ask the vet to retest her. Very, very often we see the levels come back to normal...especially since it was such a slight increase.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What about the other two tests i list on question? From i stat

So the Ph level is totally normal...a dog ranges from 7.32 - 7.42, so there's nothing worrisome there.

The PC02 nis normally 15 -25 so yes, this is above normal...but it's totally normal for the PC02 to raise when the calcium level is elevated.

I really think that we need to just give it a little time and then retest...I strongly suspect that it'll be normal at retest.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
She is so tired and lays around her sister died in aug 28 th so i didnt know if her not eatting or drinking often was illness or grief. She still stuggles with eatting and drinking which as me worried.
I can understand your worry...but it's important to remember that she's young, and young dogs aren't generally the ones who get things like let's give the medications a few more days to work and not worry just yet.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Worry is when u gave your healthy 13 year old dog alpo for a treat in 2007 and she seized and then died cause i gave her alpo. The you have two dogs one 7 than got sezuires cause a robber hurt her breaking in your house and even with sezuires she still laid across a my body to guard me as i sleep and when the vet said she had a disc problem that would heal you or i gave her chicken jerky and she had to be put to sleep and now that its been 2a months her sister only 3 is no eatting and licking her paws til they are ulcerated and now you dont know what she will eat thst not poisioned or whats wrong. Now yes iam worried sure they did tests for poison so they say but shes not acting right. In addition in 2000 someone poisioned my cats. No iam not worried.
I can understand. It definitely sounds like you've had a really rough time, and I will keep my fingers crossed for good news this time.