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Sally G.
Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Service/assistance dog training/ behavior /obedience/Therapy dog Evaluator/AKC Evaluator
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My dog has had diarrhea for the last 4 days. She hasnt been

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My dog has had diarrhea for the last 4 days. She hasn't been eating much. Before she needs to go out, she starts violently shaking and starts panting heavily. I'm concerned because her diarrhea hasn't been thickening, it's extremely watery. A week and a half ago, she ate some of her jacket and sweater while I was out. I think this may be the cause, but I'm not 100% positive.

Sally G. :

Hello, thank you for using this site to help you with your problem. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the dog field for 25 years. It will be my pleasure to help you today. Please understand that I may send an information request so that I may gather what I need to better help you with your problem.

Sally G. :

When you took away food did you put her on a bland diet of boiled chicken and white rice?

Customer: No.
Sally G. :

Has there been any vomiting?

Customer: No vomiting
Sally G. :

Thank you. Has she shown interest in food?

Sally G. :

or is she only eating a little here and there?\

Customer: Eating here and there
Sally G. :

Beside the possible eating of a jacket or sweater does she eat non food items such as raw hides, bones, jerky treats etc?

Customer: No. I gave her a greenie on Monday. But she doesn't like bones or rawhides
Sally G. :

thank you. Well it could be the sweater/jacket she ate or it could be that the greenie is causing the problem. Despite what the company claims these are not well digested when big pieces are chewed off and can cause an obstruction of the bowel

Sally G. :

They can also pierce the intestines if a sharp piece is chewed off and swallowed

Customer: So should I feed her boiled chicken and rice? And the problem will fix itself
Sally G. :

If there is an obstruction then that won't fix anything. We do this if there is a virus to give the intestines times to settle down. Please check her gum color, it should be a nice bubble gum pink, if they are pale or white seek vet help. Press and release a finger on the gums and count how many seconds it takes to go back to the color they was before you pressed on them

Customer: They're pale. It takes 3-4 seconds to go back to normal color.
Sally G. :

That is too long. It is advised that you get her to an emergency vet in your area

Customer: Okay. Thank you for your help
Sally G. :

you are very welcome. After you have rated I would like to send you a free follow up to see how she is doing in about 7 days is that okay?

Customer: Yes
Sally G. :

great. My thoughts are with you both

Customer: Thank you. Have a great day
Sally G. :

you as well

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Hello Samantha,

I am just checking in to see how Rosy is feeling.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Roxy is good. I took her to a pet hospital. They took a stool sample. There was no presence of parasites. They gave me some medicine for her and she started pooping normal a day later.

Thank you for your concern.

I am glad to hear she is doing better! Thanks for keeping me updated:)

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