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Our 10yr old golden gotinto food not intented for her. It was

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Our 10yr old golden gotinto food not intented for her. It was 36 hours ago. she threw up within the first 24 hrs and hss been taking water no food. she threw up tonight a liquid pinkish liquid. she seemed hungry now and so I boiled a chicken breast chopped it up and put with white steamed rice nd chicken broth. she got about 1/2 of usual feeding. stayed down. we have covered her up and she seems better. was going to do this until i can start bringing back her dog food into it which i figure will be at least 4-5 days. should she go to the vet or do you think she is getting better? thank you!
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

At this point since the vomiting has stopped and she is holding down the food you made her, I think watching her for tonight at least is a good plan.

It's actually normal for a dog to get pretty sick with vomiting and diarrhea, and not wanting to eat after they've gorged themselves on food. One thing I would have recommended was to not allow her free access to water for at least 24 hours because drinking water often only causes the food in her stomach to swell, but since we're already past that, it's fine to allow her to drink.

If she's still holding food down in the morning, then you can absolutely keep doing the bland diet of rice/chicken for a few days until her digestive system normalizes again.

Of course, if she starts vomiting again over the night or first thing in the morning, or if she has a very hard belly in the morning, then she should be seen by her vet for a quick abdominal x-ray just to rule out obstruction from the food...but if she remains as stable as she is right now, then you can continue to keep an eye on her.

I hope this helps.
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