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My dog had a big wad of insulation left in the yard by the

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My dog had a big wad of insulation left in the yard by the workers. Till I got it away not sure how much she may have ingested. She's a 14 lb. Maltipoo. This happened 8/20 at 4 pm. Her throat was scratchy that night, vomited in the morning & didn't want to eat that day. Her poo became less & less so I took her to the vet to see if she might be partially blocked. He didn't think so. On 9/21, a month later, she started vomiting & diaherrea and took her to the emergency next morning. They took exrays, no blockage so they thought gastritis or giardia but not sure. After we got back she lost a lot of blood rectally, it sprayed all over. I called the clinic, they said that was a natural clearing out but when I told that to my vet the next day he seemed upset. My question is could this have been a delayed reaction to the insulation since most things I read said symptoms would be right away. Could a little have slowly damaged her insides and then make her sick a month later? She licks her lips a lot since this happened also & wonder if the fiberglass can still be in her skin around the mouth?
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

I'm actually pretty familiar with insulation ingestion...we've seen a couple cases at our clinic in the last year. Both dogs were owned by a guy who does home remodeling.

It's unlikely that there is still fiberglass in the area around her mouth. The glass used in that kind of insulation is super small and doesn't really get imbedded unless the dog was rolling in it. Also, any sort of foreign body in the skin causes a reaction in the body, where it tries to get the offending object does this by forming infection in the area. As long as you haven't noticed little bumps with white heads on it around her mouth, then it's unlikely that there is fiberglass around the mouth.

As for if the ingested insulation could be causing a problem a month after eating would be rare, but it could happen. Especially if Foxy is one of those dogs who hides's possible that she could have little bits of the insulation around and hidden. It's actually not unusual for them to not be able to see the fiberglass on x-ray. The dog we saw actually had a belly full of insulation and it wasn't obvious on the x-ray.

Something you might want to consider would be asking your vet if they have access to an endoscope. This is a flexible tube with a little camera on the end. The vet can sedate her and put the tube down her throat and into her digestive tract. They'll be able to see all the way into her stomach. If nothing is seen that way, they can also insert it into the rectum and run it up to see if there's a problem in the intestines. If there's anything there...that's the best way to find it.

Of course, not every vet has an endoscope, so if your vet odesn't have one, ask for a referral to a veterinary internist...they'll have one for sure.

I hope this helps.
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