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Sally G.
Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 9565
Experience:  Service/assistance dog training/ behavior /obedience/Therapy dog Evaluator/AKC Evaluator
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We have the same situation only would add being afraid of other

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We have the same situation only would add being afraid of other dogs when they face our newly aquired 5 month old cardigan corgi. I'm on the fence regarding sending him back. We spend too much time around other dogs and people if he can't get over his fear. What do you think of the longer term prospects in these cases?

Sally G. :

Thank you for requesting me

Sally G. :

So your little pup is afraid of your husband and other dogs?

Customer: He is. We spend a lot of time with other dogs and people. I explained this to the breeder. My only caveat in taking on an older pup was aggression.
Sally G. :

Have you given him a temperament test?

Customer: No. What is that?
Sally G. :

A temperament test can kind of give you a gauge to go by as to what the dog will grow up to be like, fearful, alfa, et.

Sally G. :

This is what I would do first because he may be scared at this age but it could be due to being in a new place. When did you get him?

Customer: How do I give this test?
Sally G. :

I will direct you to a site to print it off and you can give it at your leisure

Sally G. :

hold on while I find that site for you

Sally G. :

Temperament testing

Sally G. :

When you train fearful dogs you have to be very careful not to reward them at a time they are acting scared or you are actually rewarding the scared behavior so then the dog begins to get worse over time

Customer: What should I be looking for to make a judgement to keep this dog?
Sally G. :

If you are looking for an outgoing dog who is well rounded then you want one who actually investigates what is going on around it, not one that is shy or fearful

Sally G. :

With this pup you will have some work ahead of you getting him used to being around new things

Customer: He is VERY inquisitive. His fear isn't of the sort that sends him cringing from everything. We went into Petsmart , a local small town, trips in the car etc. he's calm and quite happy even with the strange noises. He just shows the behaviors I've described.
Sally G. :

Okay I may have missed something here, maybe part of your question did not come through. I sounded like he was afraid of other dogs and your husband

Sally G. :

Please feel free to go into as much as you need to now

Customer: Yes that is what I said. Outside of those behaviors he explores our rural property, seems to enjoy walking everyplace 8've taken him. In Petsmart though today his hackles went up at a large dog and he barked quite aggressively, yesterday he nipped at my mothers dogs face when Mikko tried to quite benignly sniff and say hello without any trace of hostility.
Customer: If I'm not there he runs and screams from my husband if he tries to go near him.
Sally G. :

Okay thank you. What you may have is a dog that is not self assured , a fear aggressive type dog that usually takes to one person in the family and if felt backed into a corner by another animal or person will bite

Sally G. :

It does not sound like this one is the personality you are looking for. Where did you find this breeder?

Customer: He seems to be something of a contradiction and I'm confused as to what to do and who to listen to.
Sally G. :

Well if he is uncomfortable around humans and people but is fine and inquisitive when nothing is there to make him fearful such as investigating the yard , he is still a fearful dog but just at the moment nothing is a threat to him

Customer: Through the cardigan welsh corgi club. He's a prominent judge and breeder whose dogs are found in many of the lines.
Sally G. :

He seems a bit old to be suddenly placed, generally breeders have a waiting line of people wanting their pups

Sally G. :

Was he 5 months old when you got him?

Customer: Ok. Is it your feeling then that I'll have a difficult time going forward with this puppy no matter what?
Sally G. :

Yes that is my feeling. But I can only go by what you are telling me and I would still give him a temperament test.

Customer: Ok I'll definitely do that. Tis has been helpful. I've never used this service before. Are you available again after I do the test?
Sally G. :

Yes. just come back to this question , I won't close it after you rate.

Sally G. :

If I am offline at the time, I will get an email telling me you have respoided

Customer: Ok. Thank you.
Sally G. :

you are very welcome:)

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Stuart was available earlier then not again until at 5months because Jon was going to keep him for show then decided to keep only his brother. Ordinarily his pups are gone pretty fast. Funny thing happened a few minutes ago. My husband took some almonds out of the pantry and Stuart jumped up on his leg to get one. My friend Marcia will help me with the test tomorrow.
Okay so there is hope:) This is why I say to give the test because the dog has been with one owner for a while there may be things at your place that take getting used to. So if possible for Marcia to perform most of the test rather than you it would be better as we know he is bonded to you, so if a semi stranger can do you'll get a better reading
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Sally. This is very distressing and I appreciate your advice. It seems like good, objective advice.
Sure Deborah, I can understand. If you are going to have a dog it may as be one that fits your lifestyle. Your admission of that already puts you one up on many other customers that want to try to change the dog to something it is not!
Sally G. and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sally I'm seeing a friend this morning as well as her two very gentle dogs for a walk. She does some training with dogs she fosters before sending them on. The breeder is confounded by his shyness since he was actually very outgoing and playful when he left him. He will take him back but I'm going to give it a bit more time first. Thanks for suggesting Volhard though I'm thinking we're past that.
Thats good to hear on all fronts. However the temperament test can be given to any dog, if the dog is large it just has to be altered for a larger/older dog.
I suspect that the dog was fine with the breeder because it had grown up there and the pack was there. I wish you the best:)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok. We'll still give it a try then. You may be right. I'm a lot more comfortable knowing he has no problem taking Stuart back though. Did you get the rating? I sent it Wednesday but was asked to send again.
Yes I did get the generous rating, thank you. I will schedule a FREE follow up with you in a few weeks to see how things are going for you.

This is sent as an information request so you are not prompted to rate again. If you need my help in the future you can request me by name and ask that the question be held until I am online.
Hi Deborah,

I am just checking in to see how things are going for you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We sent Stuart back. The breeder refunded everything including the shipping and health certificate. He said that his policy in these cases was to keep the dog himself unless by some chance the absolutely perfect situation could be found. He had been on the fence re keeping him to show anyway.

Thank you!

I am glad to hear that Deborah. If you decide to get another puppy in the future I would suggest you give it a temperament test to be sure you do not get one that is scared..



This is sent as an information
request so you are not prompted to rate again. If you need my help in the
future you can request me by name and ask that the question be held until I am