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Doctor Jeff
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My Shitzu was bred 63 days ago she doesnt look pregnant there

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My Shitzu was bred 63 days ago she doesn't look pregnant there is a little milk in nipples and I hear heart beats under her rib cage not sure it might be hers very confused if she is even having pups. They locked for a long time.
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. If she is not pregnant, there is a chance that she could be going through a false pregnancy. This occurs when the female goes through all of the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy without any offspring. Typically, the signs (engorged nipples and mild production) would have occurred earlier, but it is still possible. Other than stirring her to move every so often, I do not have a great home remedy for you. However, a vet visit may be worth your while. Your vet could take xrays to get a puppy count (you can see their skeletons on the xray) or ultrasound to check for presence pups (not as accurate in counting puppies). This will give you a little bit better idea of what to expect when she does go into labor (if she will at all). The fact that she has not yet is not a huge concern, but if she is not starting signs of labor in the next 48 hours, it may be worth discussing the option of a C-section with your vet.
If this is a false pregnancy, it should resolve in the next few weeks. There are meds than can speed up the recovery, but I am not a fan unless absolutely necessary.
Here is a great site that covers more on what to expect during labor.

I hope this helps and gives you direction.
Dr. Jeff
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I really wanted to know if I'm hearing pups heart beat or the moms . It's under the rib cage so I'm unsure
I would doubt you would be able to hear the pups heartbeat. It would take a lot for the sound to radiate from the abdomen. You are likely hearing the sound from Pixie's heart. That said, in some cases, you can feel the pup(s) in the abdomen, but that tends to take experience to differentiate the difference between pups and other organs.
I hope this helps. Feel free to follow up for any further clarification.
Dr. Jeff
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Hi Karen,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Pixie. How is everything going?

Doctor Jeff