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My husband just administered .5 ml to my 6 lbs Yorkie and the

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My husband just administered .5 ml to my 6 lbs Yorkie and the instructurions said to administer .09. This was two hours ago and I just discovered that she was mistakenly overdosed according to instructions. She is acting fine and is showing no signs of overdose. Is this amount acceptable for that size dog?
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What medication did he give?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh sorry so nervous I forgot to write it. Metacam


Thanks for the additional information Isis.

As a general rule, when it coems to Metacam,the usual dose is 0.1mg per pound for the first day followed by 0.05mg per pound once a day after that until the vet says to stop using it.

Using this calculation, your girl could have 0.9ml the first day and then 0.3ml daily.

So yes...she did get too much, but not so much that I would be terribly worried. I would just skip any other dose she was supposed to get today, and then call the vet in the morning to see if you should skip her morning dose.

Luckily, the oral dose has a much wider safety margin, so there's really nothing to worry about with such a small extra amount.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much. Just for our peace of mind let me repeat to you what I understand.


The Prescription is 1.5mg/ml suspension and she was prescribed .09ml.

We gave her .5ml


By your calculations if the usual doze is .1mg per lb and she is 6.8 lbs then her doze could have been .68 mg for a first day administration.


We administered .5 ml of the 1.5mg/ml suspension therefore our math says we administered .75mg of metacam which is .07mg more than she should of had on her first doze. Are we correct in that assumption?


Thank you so much.

Exactly. It's a very small amount, so I'm not worried...just give the vet that call in the monring and see if they want you to skip the morning dose.
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Hi Isis,

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