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Joan, Vet Tech
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Vet Tech for over 35+ years working w/Dogs/Rescues
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My 15 year old male Yorkie has a quarter-sized bump on the

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My 15 year old male Yorkie has a quarter-sized bump on the right side of his anus.. When the bump doesn't show, he is ok.. But he can't urinate and seems to be in pain when the bump is showing.. This symptom seems to return about twice a month...
I just came back home from work and the house was full of his poop and it looked like that bump is causing great discomfort... And when i wiped his butt, i could see yellowish discharge coming out.. And i didnt see any sign of urine but poop... He is still wandering around the house trying to poop..
Can someone please help? We took him to the vet two months ago and he said it looked like some kidney or urinary track infection... And the vet prescribed amoxicillin for the infection.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a Vet Tech for 30+ years. I would love to assist you but need to ask a few questions.

Can you tell me if the bump is located around the anal opening in about the 4 o'clock or 8 o'clock position.

Do you have Tory groomed and his anal glands done by the groomer?

Is the bump red and puffed up, open and weeping or just a swelling?

Has the Vet seen him for this problem?

Is Tory Neutered?

What type of diet is Tory on?

Does he drink water well?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your quick reply..
Facing it, the bump is in the 4 o'clock position.. We did not have chance to groom him because he's been experiencing hacking and shortness when breathing so we didnt want to stress him out.
It looks like it is a swelling and he is neutered.
He is eating regular senior canned food. He drinks well.

His penis looks like a red thing is hanging outside.

Thank you so much...


Thank-you for the information. It sounds like Tory has an Impacted or ruptured anal gland. These are two glands that are located at 4 and 8 o'clock around the anus. These are scent glands and also help lubricate the stools to pass more easily. When a dog is having problems passing stool and we see a lump in that location, we usually suspect anal glands. These need to be expressed by your Vet from the inside and outside to relieve the pressure. The discharge you has seen may have been the fluid from the ruptured anal gland.To help Tory you can start offering a tablespoon of canned Pumpkin(not pie filling) in with his canned food. Pumpkin is a high fiber food which will help the stool pass easier. You can take a warm compress and apply it to the area tonight and this should help ease the pain and after the compressses, you can apply some Neopsorin. This You Tube Video is a little graphic, but shows about the anal glands, what they look like when swollen and how they are treated and expressed.: The Vet will need to see Tory and express the glands. Most likely they will put him on a mild pain medication and also give an antibiotic. This is a common problem in toy breeds and gets worse as they get older. You may even want to speak with your Vet about a higher fiber food to help with the passing of stools which will also may help the anal glands from having this problem so often. The Vet may even inject the anal glands to give Tory some relief. As for his Penis, You can pul back the sheath and use a little cool water and then some Lubricating jelly to make sure that it goes back in properly. The straining may be causing a problem and you want to be sure that none of the hairs from his sheath are prohiting him from retacting his penis fully. Please let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to continue with you to help Tory. Joan

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Hi Kaylee,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Tory. How is everything going?