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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
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I woke up this morning and my 7 month old Westie had yellow

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I woke up this morning and my 7 month old Westie had yellow discharge all over her. Not having dealt with female dogs in quiet some time I thought this was the start of her cycle but it's really the last part, the time when she will mate. Am I correct? I cannot believe I missed all the previous cycles there was not bloody discharge or anything. It's tough to tell when her vulva is swollen but after looking closer this morning I can see now. Thanks for your help!.

Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 12 years. Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about Scarlett's situation with all this discharge. Are you sure it is coming from the vulva area? Does it not smell good? Is she otherwise acting normal with eating and drinking?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr. Bruce. The yellowish discharge was all over the top of tail and her hind legs, like she sat or laid in it. It smells very bad. She is eating and drinking. She did eat her breakfast. By the way. I have two females. They are from same litter. The other female (Melanie) seems just fine.

Thanks for getting back to me David with that information. This is a situation that has me concerned. Anytime I have an intact female that has discharge from the vulva area that is bad smelling has me very suspicious for a pyometra. This is a very bad infection in the uterus. When bacteria get into the uterus, it is the perfect environment for them to grow and cause problems. When a pyometra happens, if it is open (the cervix isn't closed) then the infection drains out the vaginal area and the pus is viewed and smelled. If it is a closed pyometra (the cervix is closed), then the pus builds up in the uterus and they get very sick very fast. I've not seen a pyometra case in one so young, but the anatomy is there for the infection to arise and I've learned in practicing medicine that anything is possible. I would say that at this time a trip to your vet to have them evaluate her is definitely needed. If it is a pyometra, then she needs surgery to remove the infection from her body and antibiotics too. Here is a good good link on pyometras.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr. Bruce. I always err on the caution side. Although she is eating, drinking and playing with her sister right now. She has been vomiting or have diarrhea. I will call my vet and let him know I am coming in with her. Thanks for the website it's a good one.


I always want to err on the side of caution too. I don't want to delay having something addressed that could be much more serious. It is good that she's playing with her sister now. I'm hoping for the best.
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Thank you for the very kind accept and generous bonus. I'm very curious as to what your vet finds with her today. Could you let me know what they find?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr. Bruce. WOW! My other female (Melanie) whom I wasn't initially asking you about, was starting her heat cycle. I found some bloody discharge by accident on her while loading them into their car seats. Scarlett - the female I originally sent questions for doesn't have any infection, although the vet did see a lot of normal bacteria from swab she took. The discharge I was seeing can happen at the very beginning of the hear cycle before the bloody discharge or after. It's hard to determine with Scarlett, we are watching her. Melanie is definitely starting her heat cycle and needs a diaper almost 24/7.

Vet gave me a mild antibiotic for them both just to be safe indicating that giving them this medication won't hurt them.

I feel much better now and will continue to monitor them closely especially Scarlett, (she's a clean freak, so it's hard to tell with her).

Thanks again for your help and knowledge sharing

Thanks for letting me know what your vet found! It sounds like this is a good overall situation! Parts of what you were seeing fit the pyometra situation - but the age just didn't fit I'm glad it is something that should get better here shortly. Give these two girls a good petting for me. Take care and let me know if any future questions come up.