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Joan, Vet Tech
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My dog has been having very small amounts of brown water coming

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My dog has been having very small amounts of brown water coming out in place of his normal bowel movements. I wouldn't say he's got diarrhea, but hes not really constipated if something is coming out is he? Im not sure which to treat him for. Its been going on for almost 24 hours. What should I do. Also, while his nose is still wet, it is warm (slightly).


Does Jack get any people food?

Is he up to date with vaccinations?

Any vomiting?

Does he seem to have an appetite?

Could he have injested a non food item, like rawhide, or something that he could have problems passing?

Is his activity level normal?

Any straining when passing the stool?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

he gets some people food, hehas an appetite, but wont eat his dry dog food (been doing that for a week), he is up to date on his vaccinations, so far no vomiting, his activity level is good, may be straining, not sure. he passes gas and squirts out a little watery substance When he goes. he seems to be able to control when he goes still. He has had no rawhide. My mom thinks he could have gotten into her cats food, but isnt sure.


Thank-you for the information. We do not want to give any milk. Dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest the sugars in milk, and it will cause serious diarrhea.

What we can do is start a bland diet of 1 part boiled skinless chicken breast to 3 parts white rice and feed in small increments throughout the day. To help with the loose stools you can add a teaspoon full of canned pumpkin(not pie filling) to the chicken and rice diet. It is very possible he did get into the cat food and that can cause loose stools. Anytime there is sudden change in the diet it can affect the stool. I would try the bland diet and pumpkin for a few days and see how Jack does. The stool should start to come together with the bland diet and the pumpkin is high fiber and should also help. Please let me know if you have further questions. As long as Jack is willing to eat and no vomiting, there is no reason to rush to the Vet and the bland diet should help stop the loose stools. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I saw somewhere that I should withhold food for 24 hours to rest the g i tract. do you agree or disagree with that?


You could withhold for a few hours, but we generally do that more with vomiting. I am also hesitant since he is a chihuahua and they can have a drop in glucose levels which can be a problem. With larger dogs we would rest the stomach for 24 hours with small breeds a couple hours is more than enough. Joan

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank You so much Joan.


at what point do I begin giving him his regular food? Should I continue to push water on him?


I would go 3-4 days of the bland diet and see if the stools come back together. Once you see a couple of good stools, then you can start weaning back onto the normal diet. You do not have to push water, but make sure it is available and you can also add some plain broth without onion and garlic and that is usually an incentive to drink. I will check back in a couple of days to see how Jack is doing. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

am i supposed to mix the pumpkinwith the chicken and rice or is that an entirely different thing? He ate the chicken and rice, loved it infact. he would not eat the pumpkin.


You can mix the canned Pumpkin in with the chicken and rice. If he will not take it try the chicken and rice alone, and if it does not help we can try something else. Joan

I wanted to see how Jack is doing. are the loose stools strating to become more solid.

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