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My older Schnauzer has two enlarged lumps at the base of his

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My older Schnauzer has two enlarged lumps at the base of his neck, just behind where the tongue ends. This has just developed, and I'm afraid they may join and choke him to death. Do I need to get him to a vet immediately or is this something like sinus in a human?
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
Are they inside of his mouth, just behind the tongue? Or are they more under his jaw like where we get "swollen glands?"
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, they appear to be swollen glands. There are two, one on each side. They feel like they are double, as in having two shapes joined together. There is not much opening left in his throat from the feel on the outside.

Ok, that is alright but should still be investigated. If he had the swelling on the inside, such as his tonsils, or his throat, he would not be able to swallow water or food. He would also be having difficulty breathing or you would hear abnormal noise when he breathes.
In case he is having an allergic reaction to something, try giving him a dose of benadryl. The dose of benadryl is 1 mg of benadryl, per pound of dog, every 12 hours as needed. For example a 25 pound dog would get 25 mg of benadryl every 12 hours.
If you notice he has trouble breathing, or he has trouble with swallowing water or food, or his gums turn a pale or white, then he should go to the emergency vet.
The most likely cause of lumps under the jaw are an allergic reaction or fighting off infection. In that area, the common infections are ear, sinus, or dental. So I would take him to the vet tomorrow. They will most likely give him an antibiotic.
I hope this helps.
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