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my dogs blood sugar using a human monitor was 64. Is this

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my dogs blood sugar using a human monitor was 64. Is this normal?

Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

When did she last eat? How soon after that did you check the blood sugar?

How often is she urinating?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She hasnt eaten anything since i have been home since 5, im home often, and have noticed a trend in her urinating. She has been urinating so frequent she in less than an hour after coming inside she urinated in my floor. Our walks are long so that she gets it all out of her system including bm's.


I started monitoring her intake of water and it is more than her food, but not as much as her urination. I checked her blood sugar when i got home. I decided maybe it was time to check for diabetes

Will i be charged per question?

No, this is all the same question. Wink


If you read a veterinary text book, 75-120 would be considered normal for a dog.

60 is a little low but she has not eaten anything. I would feed her and check it again 2 hours after that. So you are checking her for diabetes mellitus. If she were diabetic, her blood sugar would be sky high. Usually over 300. But you can check her after eating just to make sure.


She most likely has a urinary tract infection. They are very common in female dogs. A simple urine test can check for that. If positive, she can take a course of antibiotics and that should be the end of it.


If she does not have a urinary tract infection, then blood work should be done. She is young so I doubt she has metabolic disease but it is possible. Her blood sugar is lower so diabetes is not an issue. The other likely causes of increased urination would be kidney disease or adrenal gland disease which is called "cushings." But neither would be common in a such a young dog.


I bet she has a urinary tract infection.


Did that help?

If you need more information please reply again. Thanks


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I gave her some juice as i had researched it and it said for low sugar you can give, honey, gaterade, fruit.....


I am just worried, and i never thought of that. She has early onset of cataracts in both eyes. So i feel anything is possible. Vets are expensive, and i would only want to take her if i knew they would not rake me over the coals, i had a friend they did that to so i am worried of that. I work in the health care field of course i know animals are a little different, but it was a thought to check as i considered it diabetes. But as it was low she seems to be hypoglycemic somewhat.


She has eaten so i will check it now, since it has been some time since last.

That was medically correct to check for diabetes if she has juvenile cataracts. Just to make sure, test the blood sugar again.

When you go to the vet, I would expect to pay for an exam, a urinalysis, and antibiotics. She should not need blood work unless her urinalysis is normal. It will get a lot more expensive if blood work is involved.

You can always refuse any test or medications.

As vets, we are taught to give our clients all the options. The same options we would give our own pets. Then you can pick and choose. Luckily, I have not met any "money hungry" vets but I have heard of some. I suppose that happens in just about any field of work.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your helpSmile

My pleasure : )