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I have a border collie cross female dog. A couple of weeks

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I have a border collie cross female dog. A couple of weeks ago she was nipped/bitten by another dog (staffie) whilst out on a walk with my husband. We checked for evidence of the bite which occurred in the area around her jaw/ruff but couldn't find anything, plus Maisy seemed absolutely fine and unaffected by the incident. After a while we left Maisy, as usual, for a couple of hours to do some shopping, upon our return Maisy showed her usual happiness at my return and we had ' cuddles on the sofa', which ended rather abruptly with her rushing off into the garden and just sort of crouching in the grass, I went after her but she appeared scared of me and didn't want to come anywhere near either me or my husband. She didn't respond with her usual relish when offered her dinner and dentistix, did go for a walk with my husband and played as usual, but was still showing signs of fear and upset when she returned home, with her tail tucked far under her and not making eye contact, turning her head and just completely very, very wary of me in particular. She started to respond to us later on in the evening and was okish with us the next day, however she is still not back to her normal fun personality and just seems depressed. After a few days I noticed that she had a couple of small scabs where we think she was bitten, which means the skin must have been broken although is was not apparent at the time, as we would certainly have dealt with it accordingly. As of now she is eating fine, sleeping fine and going for walks as usual but her general demeanour is different. She is closest to me as a rule but that seems to have changed now.

Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

Dogs can get very traumatized from an attack. If she were mine, I would put her on an anti-anxiety medication for a few months. Also, try to take her around your friends dogs or dogs you know will not bite her. You could even take her to an obedience class where the dogs behavior will be controlled. Try to get her out, on walks or in the car, as much as possible. She needs to build, and regain, confidence again. I think you will be able to get her out of it. It may take a few months. I hope this helps. If you have additional questions, please reply. Thanks

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Hi Jo,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Maisy. How is everything going?

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