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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian
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got home tonight and my 6 yr old dog who just started haveing

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got home tonight and my 6 yr old dog who just started haveing siezures 3 months ago was acting very strange and wont come in the house, i noticed she peed in her bed and wanted to be left alone outside. when i check on her i notice her eyes are dialated and her neck, back and stomach muscles are very firm. so i asked her if she wanted to go into house and she started to get up with me but then blitzed away! i have never seen this behavior. we finally got her in the house on her bed by herself and not stimulated by people. after an hour she vomited and ran outside. we let her be for a while and the same outdoor situation repeated. any advice?

Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 12 years. Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about Annie's situation here tonight. Was there anything in the vomit that looked abnormal? Any medications in the environment or other chemicals that she could have gotten into? is she on any medication for her seizures?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we wanted to avoid siezure medication until we were certain of her condition. her vomit was dog food and grass, nothing unusual but she possibly ate something maybe a bone on a walk a few days ago


Thanks for that information. I would agree and say that waiting on the anti-seizure medication until her seizures are more frequent or longer in duration is a very valid choice. As far as her altered behavior here tonight. Could she be doing this primarily due to her stomach not feeling well / feeling nauseated? That is a consideration that is there. Why is she having the vomiting could be due to a couple different reasons. The vomiting could be due to her having eaten something that is just not sitting well - ate some table scraps, got into the garbage, found something in the yard, new food, etc. It could also be due to something being stuck - a foreign body such as a sock, rock, stick, piece of plastic, etc. It could be due to pancreatitis. It could be due to other metabolic issues such as kidney, liver or adrenal issues. Being able to tell what of these it is due to requires a physical exam, x-rays, and some blood work. At this time, if the vomiting or abnormal behavior persists, I would recommend having her seen as soon as possible to determine what is going on and how best she can be treated.

If she can settle down, I'd pull up food and water from her for 10 hours to try and settle her stomach. This literally means nothing - no treats, no food, no sips of water, nothing. Be sure to close toilet lids, pick up other pets water bowls, and monitor if goes outside so nothing can be ate or drank out there. The goal here is to let the stomach rest. If anything is ate or drank during this time, it has a very good chance of upsetting the stomach more. After we get past this time frame of having nothing, then we can start to allow access to water making sure not too much is drank at once. This is done by giving 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup of water every 20 minutes for 1 hour. If no vomiting occurs with this, then after one hour of having the water available, you can start to offer bland food. The bland foods that you can prepare at home pretty easily are boiled hamburger / skinless chicken breast and white rice mixtures. This is prepared by mixing 3/4 cup white rice and 1/4 cup of the boiled hamburger or skinless chicken. You can then give 1/2 cup of this combination per 20 pounds every 8 to 12 hours. I would over the next couple days then progressively get him back onto her regular food.

If she becomes obviously painful, has obvious seizures, the vomiting continues, if she gets very weak, or is not starting to eat and drink after 24 hours - she absolutely needs a veterinary exam. She at that point hasn't responded to at home care and needs a physical exam and testing to see what further therapy is needed. I hope this helps. Please let me know what questions this has brought up by hitting reply Paul. I'm hoping that Annie is feeling better here soon.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have raised many labs. and i train them well! I don't beat them and they love me. how can we possibly explain the dog laying in the furthest corner of the yard and allowing me to give her a stomach pain exam while she just hangs out. but when i stand up to head inside and ask her if she wants to go inside. she slowly stands up too, but then just bolts. none of my dogs have ever done this. she acts like she wants nothing to do with family or inside the house. it is 25 F outside. i would assume this has to do with the embarrasement of peeing and vomiting in house but usually dogs will just avoid that part of the house

It sounds like you have a definite special bond with your dogs. I truly feel that you have a great understanding of them and how to best interact with them. Could her behavior be due to her being embarrassed by what has happened? It is possible. Could it be due to her being stimulated by something if on the off chance her behavior is due to an ingestion of something that is altering her behavior? Any chance of a stimulant like medication, caffeine, nicotine or chocolate? These could cause increased urination / accidents and more stimulated behavior.
Hi Paul,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Annie. How is everything going?

Dr. Bruce

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