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My 2 year old German Shepherd wont seem to settle tonight.

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My 2 year old German Shepherd won't seem to settle tonight. She had a late dinner and now when lying down is breathing very quickly. She can't seem to settle and sleep. I'm pretty worried. Why would she be breathing so quickly?
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

Is her belly hard to the touch or soft?

Has she had any new foods, treats, bones, rawhides, ect?

Is she spayed?

Any vomiting or attempting to vomit that you've noticed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello. Thank you.


Her belly isn't noticeably different to touch. To be honest I've only had her for a couple of days so I'm not really sure what it's meant to feel like.


She has had a few small treats but they were earlier today. I took her to my sister's tonight and she was kept in the laundry as they have a cat outside and kids. She seemed quite anxious to be separated from me. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.


She has not been spayed yet, I believe.


Last I checked she had 68 breaths in the minute. It's just very different to the other nights I've had her where she's gone to sleep and I haven't been able to hear anything and tonight her breathing is quite loud, shallow and rapid.

Thanks for the extra information Vanessa...I just have a couple other questions....

Do you have any idea the last time she had a heat cycle?

Did she eat much later than usual?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No I'm not sure about the heat cycle.


Yes she did eat later than usual. I was going to feed her before we left but didn't get the chance.

She was drinking quite a bit of water too about an 1.5/2hrs after she ate. I heard her get up a few times to drink.


She hasn't tried to vomit yet. I'm worried it might be bloat?

Thanks again for the information Vanessa...

I don't think we're dealing with bloat. With that, we see several very obvious symptoms: attempting to vomit with no success, a bigger-than-usual belly, a hard-to-the-touch belly and restlessness and inability to lay down.

I suspect that she just ate dinner later than usual and now her body is working to process it later than usual. Most animals can/will have an increase in respirations right after eating because the body is trying to process the food through the digestive system. It's likely you didn't notice before because she eats earlier.

Additionally, 68 breaths per minute is at the high end of normal, but still nothing to be too worried about.

IF she were mine...I'd monitor her for tonight and then see how she's doing in the morning. If she hasn't improved, or if she shows any of the symptoms I listed above, then you can have the vet take a peek, but I strongly suspect that she'll be feeling much better in a few hours.
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