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My dog is 5 months old and all of the sudden she started acting

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My dog is 5 months old and all of the sudden she started acting funny itching herself and rubbing her ears against the pillows and sofa. When I examined her her ears were swollen a little on the hard side about a 1/4 inch on each ear. She also had red blotches on most of her belly and under her armpits.
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Do you know if she was stung or bitten by a bug?

When did this first start?

Have you changed food at all?

Is there any smell coming from the ear?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

not sure if she was bitten

started yesterday

no change of foods

no smell

she is eating and somewhat playful

still red on her tummy and armpets


Thank you James for that information. He may be having an allergy reaction to something, the good news is that he is acting normal, not being lethargic and no problems breathing. IF you ever suspect an allergy you can try Benadrly so keep that in your medicine cabinet for the dog. I will direct you to a site on dosing. Be sure to buy Benadryl allergy and not allergy/sinus

Her actions suggest an allergy and this can be to the food she is eating even though there has been no change, or it can be to a seasonal allergy. The rubbing of the face along the floor or furniture is typical with allergies, as is the rash ( rash is more with food allergy) and sometimes you may see them constantly licking the paws.

The swelling of the inner ear also a sign of allergies however this can quickly turn into ear infections so you will want that checked. She may need drops for that, and that can be life long so it is best to get that checked.

Here is more on seasonal allergies

Here is more on food allergies:

Picture of a rash with food allergy

IF you go to your vet then can do a skin scraping to determine if the rash is caused by something else such as a fungal infection, yeast infection or bacterial infection. Each of this require different treatment but you will have an answer before you leave the vet office .If it is bacterial or yeast it will most likely smell.

Here is more skin scraping

Once you have rated my answer I would like to schedule a free follow up with you to see how things are going or if you need more help with this problem. Should any new problems arise, you can open a new question and request me if you wish for me to help you again.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As the allergies or toxins subside will the ears become normal again or will the floppy part of the ear need surgery or to be drained?

Ah My mistake I thought you were talking about the inner ear being swollen, the inner ear swells with allergies. An aural hematoma will need to be drained. Your vet will likely recommend surgery. When it is just drained it will continue to come back. Let me get you information on aural hematoma
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