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She is sleeping now but is restless. She is in bed with me.

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She is sleeping now but is restless. She is in bed with me. I am watching her closely. BTW, I am a neuro-trauma nurse practitioner with a Doctorate in nursing science. I am truly concerned because of the similarity between her current actions and her sisters aura and subsequent predictable seizure. Are seizures familial in dogs? She is snoring not completely unusual because she is more PUG like than Lhasa. She looks like a very hairy pug. She and her sister looked exactly alike. I watched as her sister.s once a months seizure pattern continued for years despite phenobarbital and magnesium(?). Her sister belonged to a friend and neighbor so I saw her every day. I am so concerned. He sister passed last year with multiple abdominal masses. Her mother has DM and also had a large mass removed from her abdomen. Emma also has had an (osteotomy)?? Of her hip secondary to repeated dislocation. This was 5 years ago.
Hi again,

Thanks for the update on Emma and great to hear she has settled a little already. Yes canine epilepsy is familial, however don't panic as this may potentially not be a seizure like event. It would be very unlikely for this to be epilepsy given Emma is now 11. Typically this will start at a much younger age. It is also unlikely to be related to the femoral head ostectomy unless this was causing her pain now, which could explain why she keeps looking around.

Whatever the case here, tonight's behavior definitely warrants a full physical exam and senior blood test with your regular Vet tomorrow if at all possible. Continue to keep her comfy tonight won't you.

Keep in touch!

Kind regards,

Dr E
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you Doctor. I apologize for the my disorganized thought process. I just finished a 13 hour shift which turned into a 20 hour shift. I neglected to say that my dogs are seen by the vet at least annually. In fact, Emma was seen only a few months ago for her annual and a lump on her chest which was dx as a lipoma.
Although, she is sleeping now on her back she is twitching and continues to sit up as if disturbed. She does not appear to be in pain?? No whining ???
I am alone here in Florida. Lecture series at the university begins tomorrow at 1000. I am hoping to see her regular vet before leaving for my speaking engagement.
I can't thank you enough for your time and attention.
Hi again Shawn,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Yikes - a 20 hour shift? I would have fallen asleep long ago! Yes - her symptoms are certainly interesting and she really does need a full and thorough physical to try and highlight whether there are any external problems on her. Make sure your Vet checks her anal glands while you are there.

Hopefully they can get you an appointment before your lecture!!

Best of luck and let me know how you get on tomorrow.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards
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