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Lisa, Certified Vet Tech
Category: Dog
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Experience:  AAS Vet Tech. Bully breed rehab & Behavior modification
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Please help me. My dog as a lump in between her toe pads on

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Please help me. My dog as a lump in between her toe pads on one foot. I'm worried. Should I take her to the emergency room or what can I do until the vet opens tomorrow? I didn't notice it yesterday, it seems to have just happened. I don't know what to do.
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

You can rest easy and go to bed tonight.

On a young dog like Maya, the most likely cause of that bump is either a foreign object of some kind...maybe just walking outside...or some sort of localized reaction to a bug bite or something.

The fact that she's still using it and doesn't seem bothered tells me that it's likely nothing serious,however, if you think there's something more going on, then you can give your own vet a call in the morning and have them take a peek....just to be safe.

I hope this helps.

I hope thishelps.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It does help. It doesn't seem to bother her because she's still playing with toys, but she tolerates a lot and I am worried it will get infected. Is there something I can apply to it, that won't hurt her, until I can take her to the vet?

Sorry I haven't had a dog in a while and get worried sick, even about little things so I didn't know if I was over reacting or if she's ok until the morning.

Thank you for confirming I can wait until the clinic opens.

As long as it's not bothering her, I woudln't do anything to it. Sometimes if we wash things like this, it can actually cause more irritation, so as long as she's ignoring it..then you can do. At least until morning.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Great, thank you for your help!

You're absolutely welcome!! Sleep well!!
Hey there!

Thought I'd pop in and see how your pup is doing. Did you get the chance to have your vet take a peek at that bump?

Hope it's looking better!!

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