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My dog is incontinent. She has always been this way but only

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My dog is incontinent. She has always been this way but only to a small degree.She is only 2 years old. Now it has gotten worse. she drinks a lot of water and it just leaks out. What can I do? Will a bladder infection cause incontinence?
Hi there and thank you for your question. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. Is she spayed?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

she is spayed. fully vaccinated.


Okay, this is actually pretty common. Your dog likely has what is called spay-induced incontinence. It can happen in up to 5% of female dogs that are spayed. The good news is that it is easily treated with daily medication that you can purchase from your vet clinic. The medication is called Proin, and it comes in a flavored chewable tablet that you can give twice daily that completely resolves the issue. You do need to give it for the rest of her life, but most owners are very happy with the results. I would discuss this medication with your veterinarian and have your vet prescribed a trial on the medication for a week and go from there. Hope this helps! Best of luck.
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Hi Michelle,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Zion. How is everything going?

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