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Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
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Is Iams better than Purina Benefuls for my dog. Im feeding

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Is Iams better than Purina Benefuls for my dog. I'm feeding my two yr old skipperke Purina Benefuls minibites. I don't like the smell of it though and I'm thinking of switching. What do you recommend? I don't want to spend a fortune, but he is a small dog and I want to feed him decent food. If I go to the petsmart the food reps will sell their brand of course, but I don't know how much better it really is. I put a little wet food in with the dry. He likes that. I have a fenced in yard so he can go outside when the weather is nice.

I also feed my cat purina one. I feed her the hairball formula in summer and weight management in the winter months when she is shut in. Also a half a can of Fancy feast morning and half a can at night. The dry is to supplement her appetite. She is fussy like most cats. She goes outside and burns up a lot of energy.

Sally G. :

Hello, thank you for using this site to help you with your problem. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the dog field for 25 years. It will be my pleasure to help you today. Please understand that I may send an information request so that I may gather what I need to better help you with your problem.

Sally G. :

I can tell you that Beniful is one of the worst dog foods to fee your dog as it is nothing but fillers though the bag looks good , it is just good advertising

Sally G. :

If you go to this site it will allow you to click a list of best and worst dog foods,

Sally G. :

When it comes to a good dog food you want to look at the ingredients, foods with grains have more potential to carry/develop Aflatoxin so there is always a worry there. Also grains are used as fillers and may be connected to dog allergies .

Sally G. :

I see you are off line so I will exit this chat and when you are ready you can come back. I am here through most of the day.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They sell Blue Buffalo at Petsmart near me. Is it better to buy online? I only have one small dog and I usually buy smaller bags so it does not go stale.

Blue buffalo has hundreds of consumer complaints. Soem dogs do very well on it and others have real problems

When you get a dog food you want meat to be a first ingredient, not a grain or a meat byproduct. However not everyone can afford such a product so in essence you will have to go with what you can afford. I know Vets that feed Iams and like it. I have not had problems with Iams before aside from dog food allergies.
The link I sent you above goes over the best and worst so I would pick one in the middle that you can afford
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello again.

I changed my dog food to Iams last week (Tuesday) and he did fine. He only poops when I walk him and refuses to poop in the yard, an ongoing issue. I went away overnight on Saturday with my daughter staying with him. Sunday I stayed home all day and walked him. He started pooping in the house a lot on Saturday and has continued to save his poop for the house. Horrible.... Today I put him outside on the patio when I left for work and my son awoke to him in the house and poop. Then there was a lot of poop in the house again when I got home. I think I should just feed him in the morning and leave him outside with the door locked. (fenced in yard)


I have tried to work with him many times, but he is very stubborn about pooping in the back yard. How weird is that? My daughter got a puppy and visits with the puppy. The puppy poops in the yard, but Nemo wants to poop in the house.

Thank you Carol for getting back to me. It sounds like you have a new problem very different from your original question. You can open a new question if you would like for dog behavior in the drop down list.

This is sent as an information request so you are not prompted to rate again. If you need my help in the future you can request me by name and ask that the question be held until I am online