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I have a boston terrier who developed small red blister-like

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I have a boston terrier who developed small red blister-like lumps above her top lip. Do you know what it might be?
Hello! Thanks for requesting me!

Does Zoe eat and drink from metal bowls or another material?

How long would you estimate they've been there?

Do they seem to bother her?

Has she gotten any new toys/treats/ect?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes she does. They have probably been there for a while - I use them every day. To be honest I haven't paid attention to whether they have been bothering her. She hasn't gotten any new toys recently, but I have been giving her new treats recently.


does that information help?

Thanks for the additional does help!!

I can't help but think that she's having some kind of reaction to the metal bowl. We actually see this pretty regularly, and I don't know why some dogs get these little bumps even after they've been using the same bowls forever.

I'd start washing her mouth area with a gentle soap (baby shampoo works great because it doesn't sting) 2-3 times a day and then after it dries, applying a thin coat of Neosporin. This topical antibiotic will help keep the area from becoming infected while we wait for it to heal. Just make sure you're using a very small's not toxic, but since it is petroleum based, if she licks too much of it off her face, she'll likely get diarrhea.


You could also try switching her to metal or glass bowls for a little while to see if that helps clear it up. Even though you clean her bowls all the time, it could still be irritating the area, so switching her should help clear it up.


If it doesn't improve in week or so, or if she seems uncomfortable, then you should have your regular vet take a peek...just to be safe.


I hope this helps.

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