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My dog had been diagnosed with gastroenteritis (the vet did

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My dog had been diagnosed with gastroenteritis (the vet did a scan and found no obstructions but a lot of gas and a thickening of the stomach). His symptoms were vomiting (one time), bloating, and a succession of looser and looser stools. He received a shot for worms and is on panacur granules (for 5 days) and metronidazole for 10 days. The vet told us to feed him an eighth of a cup of boiled chicken and rice for 36 hours spacing the food every two hours. We did this and his stools returned to normal (if not less due to the decrease in total food consumed compared to his normal diet). By the evening of the second night and now more than 36 hours later his stools are becoming softer and softer and green (like there are little green pods in it or something). Could this be due to the medicine? Should we keep him away from other dogs until we figure it out? He is a 15 and a half week old pembroke welsh corgi puppy (we got him a little over a month ago). He did tear at some grass yesterday afternoon (which he is apt to do) but didn't appear to consume any (also his poop when normal isn't green). His energy is back to normal and he really wants to play with his doggy neighbors.

Hi there and thank you for your question. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. Green color in the stool is a sign that it is passing through the body faster than normal, and is not a cause for concern. Puppies have very sensitive stomachs and intestines, and it can take them weeks sometimes to get back to having normal stools after an episode like this. As long as the diarrhea is not liquid and he is eating and playing normally, I would continue to give the medications as prescribed and would not worry too much. If he stops eating or starts acting lethargic or the stools become liquidy, then I would recheck with your vet and bring a stool sample. At this time, if your vet did not diagnose a parasite, he should not pose any risk to other dogs. Hope this helps... best of luck.

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