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My 12 year old American Eskimo/ Poodle mix is constantly sitting

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My 12 year old American Eskimo/ Poodle mix is constantly sitting and barking directly at me. He has Mast cell tumors removed in May and has been on everyday antihistamines. He drinks a ton and pees a ton. I dont know what to do. I feel like he is trying to tell me he is in pain or is really confused.

Dr. J. :

Hi, I am sorry to hear that your dog has had the trouble of mast cell tumors. Here are my concerns: Sometimes antihistamines can have a paradoxical effect on dogs similar to what they do in people.In other words instead of causing some sedation they can hype them up. My next concern would be that your pet may be developing Canine cognitive disorder which is very common in older pets. One of the behaviors that some pets will do is to bark randomly for no apparent reason. The last thing that comes to mind would be that your pet may be uncomfortable. This can sometimes be very difficult to assess in dogs because we cannot converse with them. It may be time to take him into the vet again to have him reassessed. I would think that your vet may want to try some different antihistamines, and also evaluate him for canine cognitive disorder (which is doggy dementia). Also a good evaluation for pain would be helpful. Depending on what is found, he may need a different antihistamine or he may need treatment for dementia. These are the main things I would want to evaluate. And if he has not had a blood panel since May , then he should also have that done. I am very sorry to hear of his troubles and I know that these problems with our pets can be very distressing. I would encourage you to have him re-evaluated and if you are not happy with the results, seek a second opinion. Sometimes a second eye is needed in medical situations.Please let me know if I can answer any further questions or assist you in any way. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX

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HI, I wondered if you were able to get your dog back in to your vet to see if they could figure out what his problem with the constant barking was? I hope everything is going ok. Sincerely, Dr. J