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My dog let out a yelp sunday night. I at first thought she

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My dog let out a yelp sunday night. I at first thought she had hurt her foot or leg but after looking her over it appeared to be her stomach that was bothering her. Over the past two days she has been very sluggish not wanting to do anything. She has eaten a little bit of food and she has had one bowel movement each day both very dry and very small. I have examined her fecises and the first one has some berries from our cherry tree and the second was just normal brown color but very dry. I am assuming she is constipated and maybe has a tummy ache from the berries?? Today is Wed. two days later and she is not getting better. She is not worse just not better. I had to force her to drink fluid today and I have stopped feeding her at this point just in case it is constipation. She walks fine and shakes after she gets up from her bed. But when I took her out to use the bathroom our other dog ran at her and knocked her over and she yelped again. I would think if she had an injured rib or something that she would be yelping and in more pain when she walks and lays down??? Any input would be so appreciated! Vet is next on our list tomorrow if I can not figure out whats wrong
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today. Just like an in-person consult...I have a couple questions to help determine what is going on....

Is Halo spayed?

Is there any possibility she ate something unsual other than the cherries?

Is her belly hard to the touch, or soft?

Does she get bones, rawhides, people food...or does she ever eat non-food items?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



thank you so much for helping.


Yes she is spayed she was spayed about a month or so ago.

The berries are the only thing I know that she ate. However our other shar pei female who is only one year old eats them all the time without any issues. Halo has never and is not one who eats sticks or bones etc. But she has been known to eat a few of these cherries. I am just wondering if maybe she ate two many??


Her belly appears normal to me. It is not extended and when I push on it on both sides she appears ok. It does seem to be a little firm underneath her belly but not rock hard.

Thanks so much or the additional information. I really appreciate it.

I'm actually worried about two things:

1. Cherry pits are actually toxic to dogs if they consume too many, or if they consume them too often. Although each dog's sensitivity can vary, there are concerns about cyanide toxicity in as few as 10 pits. Signs of cyanide toxicity are panting, rapid heart rate, trouble breathing, excessive vomiting, increased heart rate, restlessness, and bright red mucous membranes.

There's more on cherry pits here:

2. Constipation. Of course, if the dog eats too much of any object that is hard to break down in the stomach, they can risk things like constipation. Usually a little time and some pumpkin will get things moving in the right direction, but if the dog eats too many of these itms, we can go right past constipation and end up with an intestinal obstruction.

Since your dog has been sick for a couple days, I'm more worried about toxicity than I am about the constipation. If she were my dog, I'd give my regular vet a call today and see if they can squeeze her in today...if they're unable to, then you may want to see if there is another vet in your area that can take a look at her...just to be safe.

I hope she's feeling better soon.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


The cherry is tree is not normal cherrys that you and I eat they are much smaller. If she was suffering from the toxins would she still be eating and walking around?


She has not vomited at all and she is not panting. She does get up when I take her outside to use the bathroom and she does walk but slow. She ate a little yesterday and drank water, however today I could not get her to drink anything so I fed her fluid through a turkey baster. She did go outside and urinate but she has not had a bowel movement today.


What might I expect if I take her to the vet. Do you think they will want to do xrays etc?


I too was worried about the toxins from the what i call cherries but at the same time she shows signs of eating and moving but what concerns me is her lathargicness (sp?) She really doesnt want to do anything and just wants to lay on her dog bed.

From your description, it sounds like these are choke cherries...much smaller and more tart than your regular cherries.

Choke cherries, just like all cherries, do contain the cyanide. You can read about them here:

Lethargy can be a sign of's always better to be safe than sorry.
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