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My dog started pacing last night and wouldnt sleep. Took

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My dog started pacing last night and wouldn't sleep. Took him to the vet and the did x-rays and blood work and could not find anything. His eyes are dilated. He's a 2 year old lab/border collie mix and neutered. I feel bad for him.

Dr. Scarlett :


Dr. Scarlett :

Did anything happen yesterday or last night that might have scared Jax? Any thunderstorms, loud noises, construction workers, etc, etc?

Dr. Scarlett :

Did the vet prescribe anything?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He was laying on the couch sleeping and then all of a sudden jumped up as if somethingn might have happened. I did not feel any earthquake. There was a reported power outage about 10 miles away from us, so don't know if he would have been sensitive to an electric current of some type that far away


Interesting that there was something going on around that time. Dogs are very sensitive to changes, so it is possible. They can often hear things we can't, so it could have even been a noise outside that you didn't notice.

If everything checked out physically, then it certainly seems behavioral. If he is still acting restless and pacing, I would ask your vet for some alprazolam to try. Alprazolam is a sedative, similar to valium, but not as sedating. It can be used to decrease anxiety and might be helpful in this case.

There is also a product called Adaptile. It is a pheromone, or scent, produced by mother dogs that is calming to other dogs. It comes as a diffuser, a collar, or a spray, but I'd recommend either the diffuser for the house or the collar. It can certainly be used by itself or in combination with other medications.

Finally, trying to "baby" or comfort Jax can actually make him more anxious, so try to stick with a normal routine with a normal tone of voice.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is the Adaptile a prescription or something that can be purchased over the counter at a pet store?

You can find Adaptile at pet stores, but your vet may carry it, too. And your vet may have a $5 off coupon that pet stores don't have! I would stick with the brand Adaptile--don't get a "knock off".
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks much for the help.

Hope it helps!
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Hi Kelley,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Jax. How is everything going?

Dr. Scarlett