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Hello, I have a 10 year old lab mix who had stop eating

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I have a 10 year old lab mix who had stop eating two weeks ago. Before then she was at the vet because she got an infection in one of her lungs. My grandfather has take her to the vet a few days ago. The doctor preformed a blood test and the results came out normal. the doctor prescript a tube of Nutri-Cal for our dog to get her started but she is drinking water but refuse to eat. Please help.

Dr. J. :

I am very sorry to hear about your Blackie and the fact that she is not feeling well. You may want to try cooking (boiling) some chicken and cooking some white rice and mix those together and see if she will eat that mixture. The signs you are relating to me however have me very worried about Blackie. Her signs indicate the need for your veterinarian to run some more tests. They may want to run a CBC,chem panel and do some xrays which may include both her thoracic cavity and her abdominal cavity. Unfortunately,her signs suggest that she may have a serious condition. I feel sure your veterinarian would want to do more testing to see why she is not eating. This is why I hope she is able to see her doctor soon for a very thorough evaluation. Hopefully, she will eat the chicken and rice and since that is easy on her stomach maybe she will be able to keep that down. Please let me know how she does and what you are able to find out. I am happy to help you if you have any further worries or concerns about Blackie. Sincerely, DR.J

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