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I have a male fixed chihuahua that just turned 5, and from

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I have a male fixed chihuahua that just turned 5, and from puppy until recently he has always been very loving, attentive and demonstratively affectionate (nuzzling, giving kisses, sitting on lap, etc.). However, within the last month or so he has become indifferent, detached and unattentive towards me - it may sound silly or paranoid, but he just seems to not care for me anymore. He is not having this problem with my wife, and still acts relatively "normal" towards her (we raised him together since pup).He does not display any aggression towards me, but the only time I can get a "happy" response from him is when he is about to be fed or given a treat as reward for doing his "business." He is the sweetest-behaved dog, and never has had to be disciplined for inappropriate behavior of any kind. There have been no recent changes in routine, diet, or environment, and no identifiable trauma. He has had a full check-up from the vet (last week), including x-rays and bloodwork, and the doctors cannot find anything physically wrong with him; no glandular issues, no organ or muscular/skeletal problems, hearing and site are normal - he is in tip-top shape. I am starting to have anxiety and frustration over this seemingly unexplainable change, and am looking for any ideas that may help...
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

Did you take Boo to the vet or did your wife?

Do you spend time alone with Boo?

Do you walk him?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. I typically take the dog to the vet - always have. I work at home and am around him and his sister (raised together since puppies - no changes in her behavior) all day, so I am rarely absolutely "alone" with him. I walk the dogs every day either mornings or early evenings due to hot temperatures during the day proper. This routine has not changed.

Perfect...thanks for the additional information Tom.

Since you spend so much time with's possible that he's picking up on your frustration/anxiety about his behavior change. Especially since you spend the most time with him.

At this point, I would make a point to spend a little one-on-one time with him. Maybe you could take him for a walk on his own since walking is actually how a pack bonds in the wild.

I think the biggest thing do to is to try to now let this little change in behavior get you frustrated or anxious. Dogs can read each other's body language within 5 seconds of meeting one another, so it's not hard to imagine that he can read yours that quickly as well. Then it's sort of a vicious're upset because he's distant...he reads that and acts distant...which makes you upset. By trying to now let it get to you...and to remain upbeat, I bet his behavior will change.

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