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My 8 yr old mini schunuzer is very poorly since Friday. Anorexia,

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My 8 yr old mini schunuzer is very poorly since Friday. Anorexia, a couple bouts of vomiting (although nothing since Sunday) , lethargy. She had bladder surgery about 5. Weeks ago for stones and recovered well. The onset f illness was sudden. She has been at the vet on hydration, antibiotics and anti nausea but still no great improvement. The vet thought it was pancretitis but the lab result was normal. Platelets count is low, WBC high and 1 particular protein is high. She is home for the night and I took her out for a pee. We came bak in and I noticed blood tinged spots on the floor. It is not from her anus but her vagina. Could it be a UTI and is that manageable with the right antibiotics or can I expect the worse?
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. It is possible that all of these symptoms are related to the bladder issues, but there is also the chance of another issue. This could certainly be a UTI or irritation still remaining from the bladder surgery. While this is possible, suture reaction in the bladder can lead to some discomfort, blood, urgency to pee, etc. If this is a UTI, it could be a resistant infection (which means the bacteria is no affected by the antibiotic that is being used). A urine culture performed by your vet could rule this in/out. It is also possible that some fragments of stones/crystals were left (I would not expect this, but it is possible). The smallest stone left in the urethra is enough to cause some bleeding and discomfort.
As for other illnesses, a bladder tumor is possible, however, I would have expected your vet to notice the strange tissue associated with the bladder during surgery. This this would be unlikely at this point.
The low platelet count is interesting. In some cases, platelet counts can be falsely low especially if the bloodwork is run on a machine in your local vet clinic. Having the blood sent to a lab and be a little more reliable when it comes to some readings.
If the platelet count is low, this is a concern. This could be a result of several issues including autoimmune disease (immune system is attacking the platelets), cancers, etc.
An elevated WBC count can happen for a wide array of reasons and does not necessarily narrow some of these issues.
While I do not have a good home remedy for you at this time (other than supporting hydration and nutrition with a 50/50 mix of pedialyte and water), I do think having the blood sent to a lab is worth your while. This allows human eyes to look at the blood in addition to the standard machines. I would also discuss urine culture and possible changing antibiotics. Frankly, I am not a fan of convenia for bladder infections (this is strictly my opinion as I do not have a lot of success when I use it for this purpose).
If she is not spayed, then I would also ask your vet about an issues called pyometra (infected uterus). While this is not likely based on your description, it should be on our radar.
If all of these things reveal nothing new or any positive results, I would consider more advanced diagnostics such as an ultrasound, etc.

I hope this helps and gives you direction.
Dr. Jeff

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Dr Jeff & thank you for your answer. The blood was sent to a lab. If the UTI is resolved will the platelet count go back up? It was fine pre surgery. Would a UTI with blood be enough to lower a platelet count?
A UTI is very unlikely to have an impact on the platelet count, so if your vet feel this count is "real" not lab error, it is a concern. Clearing the UTI (if present) will not likely bring it back up. My hunch, based on your description, is that most of what is going on may be a separate issue. If it is related, if would most likely be secondary to a infection I. the abdomen (peritonitis) which could be a surgical complication but that is not overly likely this many weeks post op.
In the end, I am worried there is more to this than urinary tract disease. The trick will be finding the right diagnostic test to figure it out. That is when we start looking toward ultrasound, bone marrow aspirates, more detailed blood tests, etc. I hope this helps

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Hi Anne,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Nell's. How is everything going?

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