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We just spoke to LSU and they told us it could take another

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We just spoke to LSU and they told us it could take another 2-4 weeks to get all of the pathology and reports done. Which sounds excessive to me but I'm going crazy wondering why my baby died out of the blue. I do know her liver test came back negative. As far as anything else I'm in the dark. As I get the results I would like to tell you because you've actually been more informative than my vet. And maybe it's because he doesn't want to see me upset or he just doesn't know. But I need to know. The cold hard truth is easier than nothing. I can even forward you copies of anything I get if that's a possibility. I appreciate all of your knowledge and help. Thank you. So much. Is it normal for a dog to show no signs of sickness and then seize with epilepsy? Couldn't they rule that out pretty quick though?
Thanks for that information. It can take awhile for some reports. I am optimistic that the reports should tell you what happened to Lucy. Please forward any test results to me, or let me know if you have any questions about them.

Dogs can suddenly begin to seize if they are epileptic. Usually the seizures come on gradually but they can start out sudden and severe.

There is no way to rule out epilepsy; there is no way to test for it. If a dog starts to have seizures, and it is young, and no other causes ( liver disease, toxins, etc.) are found, then it is probably epilepsy.

So if all your tests come back as negative, epilepsy is the most likely answer. But her seizures are not typical of what we usually see in epileptic dogs, so I sure hope you get an answer from all the tests.


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