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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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I have a 10 year old Standard Poodle. He started having a hacking

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I have a 10 year old Standard Poodle. He started having a hacking cough yesterday, the day after he went to the groomer. He is occasionally spitting up white phlegm. He is healthy and very active for a 10 year old dog.
Welcome! My name isXXXXX am a 2003 graduate, and currently a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital.

I am sorry to hear about this concern for Shuggi.

Common causes for coughing in dogs can include: A upper respiratory infection (bacterial and/or viral), Asthma, Bronchitis (caused by infection or allergies), Heart disease (an enlarged heart will apply pressure on the lungs), Pneumonia, and Heartworm disease

But, this is not a subtle cough, and he is also bringing up some phlegm. Absolutely, at this age, I would vote for veterinary examination today. We just don't know the primary cause. it would be surprising for him to so quickly pick up a respiratory infection, but we can't say for sure.

Also, would probably be best NOT to do any over the counter cough suppressants just yet. Might cover up a more serious issue.

I hope that information has been helpful.
Please remember to select Reply to Expert, if for any reason you need further clarification, have more questions, or were expecting a different type of answer. Prior to leaving a feedback rating, which I greatly appreciate, my goal is to provide you the best answer possible.
Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the info. Shuggi's cough is not what I would consider acute. He coughs once every half hour to hour. He just had his yearly senior exam and was pronounced healthy. I will make an appointment tomorrow.

Sounds like a plan Nancy.
I always try to be more careful with older dogs and cough development. I never want to assume it is due to something at the grooming, although certainly suspicious.

Good Luck!
Hope that additional information helps. Definitely, reply to me if there is any other way I may assist you. I hope my responses have been satisfactory?
Dr. Andy
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Hi Nancy,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Shuggi. How is everything going?

Dr. Andy
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr. Andy


I took Shug to our vet yesterday and he was diagnosed with Kennel Cough. We had been at the vet a week ago for an unrelated matter and he must have picked it up then. He is on antibiotics and is doing much better.


Thanks for your concern.

Great Nancy.
Probably best to call it a upper respiratory infection. True kennel cough is caused by the bacteria, bordetella. So, unless lung fluid samples are taken, we more correctly just call it a respiratory infection.

Happy to hear about quick improvement.

Dr. Andy