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Joan, Vet Tech
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Vet Tech for over 35+ years working w/Dogs/Rescues
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I just started caring for a beautiful pitbull on Sunday evening.

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I just started caring for a beautiful pitbull on Sunday evening. I fostered him previously for about 3 months, and in April he was given a home. As I said I got him back on Sunday and he was being kept outside. He had horrible fleas and has an open sore from biting the fleas. I can see other areas on his body where sores have healed over, but there is no hair.
He is very skinny also. Well, I got him he was given a quick bath with puppy shampoo, baking soda, and vinegar. I made him an egg white and rice omelet. Then I treated him with Frontline. So Labor Day Monday, I made him a 3 whole egg omelet with rice, later I gave him 2 boiled eggs, for supper I made him 3 fish filets. Plus he has free dogfood always.
Now it is Tuesday and he hasn't eaten at all and even turned down half a boiled egg which he never does. Shortly after this he vomited a beige liquid about the size of a dinner plate. I put him outside and he ate grass for about 5 min. like a cow grazing. The strange thing which he has never done is his intestines have started to make VERY LOUD GURGLING SOUNDS. He went number 2 and it was soft serve but not loose. He still doesn't want to eat, and insides are still very loud. He doesn't see to be in pain at all though.
I am assuming that I over did the food in my exuberance to fatten him up. I was wondering if Pepto was in order and a wait and see. He is urinating, but I haven't kept an eye on the water intake. I will be mindful of it now.
I put Diatomaceous Earth along my baseboards the first night, and he did sit in some and it got on his tail. Then he licked his tail because that is where the open sore is. This is when I noticed the sore. Therefore, I vacuumed up the Diatomaceous Earth in my living area. The active ingredient is amorphous silica, and I don't know if that small amount could have affected him.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a Vet tech for 30+ years. It is so great of you to take Bugs back in and that you are trying to help him. It sounds like Bugs may have overdone the eggs and other foods you gave him. The eggs, especially the whites can be very gassy in a dogs stomach. It would be better to feed a good high quality puppy food diet or A/D dog food or Royal Canin which are recovery foods. You can add some green beans, cooked eggs(yolks and whites) and some rice into the mixture of dog food. I suggest feeding several small meals than one big one. Over feeding human foods is not as beneficial as feeing several smaller meals of a good quality dog foods. For the stomach issues you can give (1) 10mg Pepcid AC every 12 hours, which should help stop the stomach noises and settle the stomach. As far as the Diatomaceous earth it is non toxic and would have not caused the stomach issues. I recommend it for fleas and it has many uses for pets.

I would take a stool sample into the Vet. In the time he was away from you, he may have picked up some parasites that need to be treated in order for him to pick up some weight.

I think you will find a good recovery food will help Bugs put some of the lost weight back on. Please let me know if I can further assist you. I am here to offer you and Bugs 100% Excellent Service. Joan

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