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Hi Anna, my dog has a histiocytic sarcoma and recently had

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Hi Anna, my dog has a histiocytic sarcoma and recently had her leg amputated. I've been following Dr. Steve Eisens: Dog Cancer, The Holistic Answer protocol for about 2 months now--Avemar, zeolite, beta glucan, enzymes, vacustatin, fish oil, only filtered water and NO commercial dog food, only organic homemade, and Budwig diet (lowfat cottage cheese (2 1/2 tablespoons to 1 tablespoon Barleans flax oil) twice a day. 2 questions; it's very difficult to get her to eat Budwig, have to hand feed and its always a battle, adding coconut oil seems to help but not so much, I've read that adding raw honey can be a good flavor enhancer. Is that okay. I know cancer cells feed on glucose, so honey doesn't sound like a wise choice, but I've read it can actually be good for them in small doses. What do you think? Any other recommendations? Also anything missing from the aforestated protocol that you can think of?
Thanks so much for all your help.
Best wishes,
Stephen Goldfinger
Hello Stephen,

Welcome to JustAnswer, and thank you for requesting me. I'm sorry for the delay, I was offline when you posted your question.I can tell you have researched holistic cancer care for dogs. I have helped a number of people who want holistic and alternative treatments, and usually they are starting from scratch. You already know about all the major methods. Most dogs like the Budwig foods, but since Weezer doesn't, I think it would be fine to use a little raw honey. It does have a lot of phytochemicals in it that boost the immunes system to balance out the sugar effects. But I would keep the amount very small. If it works to get her to eat the Budwig food, it's worth it. Pure maple syrup is another possible choice - it is also full of beneficial phytochemicals. If honey or maple syrup don't entice her, you can try adding a bit of organic baby food in an all meat flavor (no onions).

It sounds like you are including everything in the Eisens' protocol. I can also give you another reputable site if you're interested in other approaches. You might even be able to blend the two, as they have some things in common. Perhaps you have already seen it. Dr. Roger Clemmons, DVM, at the University of Florida is a leading expert on integrative veterinary medicine. You can read it here:

If you have further questions, or if there is anything you feel I didn't cover adequately, just let me know in a REPLY. I hope you can achieve the best possible outcome for Weezer.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you Anna for your knowledgeable comments. I will check out the website you recommended as well as the honey or maple syrup or organic meat baby food, no onions to add to Budwig. Thank you once again. Best wishes, Stephen Goldfinger
You're welcome, Stephen. My best to you and Weezer.