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My puppy is in the process of recovering from parvo. Just yesterday

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My puppy is in the process of recovering from parvo. Just yesterday he seemed to have bounced back. He has been acting more puppy like, running, playing, very active and FINALLY eating and drinking water on his own! We're still giving him all the antibiotics our vet gave us. Do you think he is in the clear? He was in the vet for an over night and they called us the next day saying he was recovering very nicely. He was very lethargic and didn't eat/drink for several days after we got him back from the vet until last night/today. So again, are we in the clear? Obviously still keeping a very close eye on him. What do we need to be looking for? And now that he is getting better, when should he receive his shots? He should be immune to parvo now that he's had it, correct? Should we still get his parvo shots? And when should we get his booster shots? Rabies shots? Ect.... Just worried parents and would like to know as much info as possible! He is an 8 or 9 week old rotweiler/Shepard mix. Thank you!
Hello. My name isXXXXX I will be happy to help you. Glad to hear that your puppy is doing so well. In 99% of parvo cases, once they are eating, drinking, not having any vomiting and diarrhea and are running around, they are in the clear and are making a full recovery. While they may still hold some immunity to parvo, it is only short term. They still need to get all their vaccines. The immunity will not last forever. It doesn't mean that he cannot catch other deadly diseases like distemper (usually given in combination with parvo) either. Once may parvo patients are doing much better and seem to be stable for a week, I recommend they get back in for their vaccines. Booster vaccines should be given 3 weeks from that date. The timing of the rabies vaccine is usually controlled by your city or county government. In most cases, they are supposed to have the vaccine between 12-16 weeks of age to be in accordance with local regulations. Your vet would know more about what those regulations are. It is possible to have an issue called an intussusception after recovering from parvo. This occurs when the small intestinal tract invaginates into itself. It usually occurs due to intestinal motility problems that occurs with severe GI inflammatory issues (can be seen with puppies with intestinal worms as well). I have only seen this occur post parvo treatment once in over 11 years of practice. Signs are going to be similar to those of parvo (i.e.; not eating, vomiting, bloody stools, abdominal pain, lethargy). If you notice any of these problems, let your vet know immediately. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Hope this helps.
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