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Dr. G.
Dr. G., Veterinarian
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Dear Dr. G ~ It isnt my intention to abuse this free week

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Dear Dr. G ~ It isn't my intention to abuse this free week of premier membership (or your goodwill!) ... I go into rehearsals out of town on Tuesday and am simply trying to gather as much information as possible regarding what's best for Morgan before then.

Thanks to your help, she is not gagging or vomiting as she had been. Also, we are much more clear about the effect of heat and humidity on her -- which is hugely helpful. In addition, your help regarding the question of having her loose neck skin pulled back and what materials to use focussed us on how to deal with that situation and resulted a request from Morgan's surgeon for a phone consultation with her local vet (which hasn't happened yet, I believe, but is a really positive step and should lead to solving that issue).

So I am already so grateful for your help and, frankly, would pay for a premier membership even if I never asked you another question. Your interest and knowledge and succinct information mean so very much to me in helping keep Morgan healthy and happy.

I have three questions, basically, that remain as concerns to be addressed before I have to leave town:

1. Does it bother her breathing to be outside when it's very humid, even if it isn't also very hot?

2. Eating: her response to foods has changed dramatically (although it is swinging a bit back toward what we're used to) since the surgery. I am trying to figure out foods that she will eat reliably so that when I'm not here to fuss over her meals she will still eat. My habit had been to make her "casseroles" that were based on ground beef, with rice and vegetables added in. I added omega-3 and glucosamine and milk thistle and vitamin C to them. When her appetite changed, post surgery, I started getting her high-end canned dog foods -- some of which she liked and some of which she wouldn't touch. When she was experiencing the nausea, I worried that some of those foods were too rich for her. She seems inclined to go back to her old "casseroles" now. Is that OK? Should I supplement them with a little bit of canned dog food to make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs?

3. Morgan seems to pant excessively in the evenings. My version of "excessive" is probably the usual "moderate" because I'm so sensitive to her panting at all, especially when she's indoors where it's so cool. So I'm thinking this late evening panting is from anxiety ...? Is it OK for me to put something in her evening meal that will calm her (like chamomile, which she tolerates well). She doesn't act sick or in pain when she pants, but perhaps I'm missing something important.

I guess that's it. Thank you so much!


Dr. G :

Hello again! You are not abusing this site, this is what the premium membership is for!

Dr. G :

As far as your questions today:

Dr. G :

1. If she is out for long periods of time outside, it will be difficult to breath, making it uncomfortable to her. If it is a short period of time like 5-10 minutes, she should be fine.

Dr. G :

2. Regarding the food: the "casseroles" are fine as long as you supplement them with a good dry food. A balanced dry food will have an AAFCO (association of animal feed control officials) label saying it is nutritionally complete. This is most major brand name diets, but some "high end" diets may not have this label as they are not nutritionally complete. Look for the label!

Dr. G :

3. Regarding the panting: you will likely notice more panting than prior to her tracheostomy. This is due to a change in the structure of her respiratory system. This will likely go on for the rest of her life. Sometimes it can indeed be due to anxiety as well. You can give her chamomile if she tolerates that well. Panting can sometimes be a sign or pain or overheating, so if this persists, it may be a good idea to check her temperature and make sure it is normal (98.5-103.0 F). If the temperature is elevated, it is a sign of either overheating, pain, or possibly even infection somewhere in the body. At that point, she will need to be checked out by your vet. I think the most likely thing here is some anxiety and increased effort to release normal body heat from her abnormal trachea.

Dr. G :

I am glad to hear Morgan is still doing well. Please feel free to contact me back and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great day!

Dr. G. and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dr. G ~ I don't really need more information ... just want to take a moment and thank you, XXXXX XXXXX yet again for your clear and thorough responses to my questions. I wish you knew what a help they are and how much calmer we are now in caring for Morgan, because of your guidance.


The dry food Morgan now loves does have an AAFCO label, so that's great news. And she eats that for breakfast, along with a pill pocket containing her Prilosec OTC and 4 mg of Bisolvon. She gets her casserole later in the day, as well as a snack in the evening -- I put a bit of the chamomile tea mixed with a bit of a ginger decoction in the snack last night and her panting decreased substantially.


She is getting stronger. And we are keeping her indoors (despite her recollection that she has always been allowed outside at will!) and her breathing is benefitting, overall, from the rest (I think). I can't wait for autumn to set in so she can again go outdoors, in cooler weather, and also can go for the walks that might increase her stamina even further.


I wish you could see the change in her in this past week -- the week in which I've asked you my questions and received your help. She has gone from being a dog whose life appears fragile, to being a dog who is once again having a great life -- thinks of games to play and has opinions about everything and wants to be part of everything and sleeps peacefully through the night.


Thank you.


I am so glad to hear Morgan is better.
Thank you for the kind words.

I wish you and Morgan the best. She has a great mommy!
Have a great labor day weekend! God bless.
Dr. G. and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you