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Dr. Louis Gotthelf
Dr. Louis Gotthelf, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 2438
Experience:  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Owner of a small animal clinic and an ear/skin clinic 35 years
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my dog started last night at 2am making this coughing and wrenching

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my dog started last night at 2am making this coughing and wrenching sounds, like he was going to throw up but all that would come up was very small amounts of a white foXXXXX XXXXXke substance. It has happened twice since then, he is fine doing what he normally does. He is an inside dog, we have 2 other dogs and they go out frequently but they are all inside dogs. Any suggestions?

Dr. Louis Gotthelf :

Hi. I'm Dr. Gotthelf. I have been a vet for 35 years and I would like to use my experience to help you with your pet's medical problem.

Dr. Louis Gotthelf :

When dogs are throwing up white foam, that is usually swallowd saliva and mucus, which comes from swalloing it. The problem is not the vomiting, but the excessive production of mucus. It could be that the air is dry and the liquid secretions are thickening. THere may be something like a draining sinus or a sore throat causing increased mucus production.

Dr. Louis Gotthelf :

I have two recommendations for you to try before going to the vet. First, place the dog in a bathroom and run a hot shower for 10 minutes so he can inhale warmed humid air for a while. That will hydrate and loosen up the mucus. Second, dogs do not digest mucus well unless there is some acid in the stomach, so offer him several small meals throughout the day. Often when they eat, they produce acid in the stomach and that helps the mucus break up and pass through the stomach into the intestines.


Thank you for your reply I will try both and will keep an eye on him. I tend to lower the ac may be too much at night and that may be causing the problem.

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