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my 4 yr old akita (service dog) just moved (1.5 weeks ago)

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my 4 yr old akita (service dog) just moved (1.5 weeks ago) from a humid sea level climate to the dry high altitude of colorado. He is starting to scratch/nibble on himself. We had used a blue shampoo 5 days ago. so my question is... could he be adjusting to the dry high climate or is it the shampoo that is doing this? According to his trainer, he hasn't had this issue before
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Is there any licking of the paws or rubbing the face along the ground or floor?

Did you change the food at all?

Do you remember the name of the blue shampoo, was it for dogs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes to the paws and face

the shampoo was a blueing shampoo name viva la dog spa - white coat

his food was changed to fromms sufr & turf grain free over a month ago- the itching started a couple of days ago

Thank you Denise, Generally alicking of the paws like this is due to allergies and it could have been the food change or the climate/area change. The only way to be sure it to have him allergy tested and see what it is he is allergic to.

For some dogs it is seasonal meaning it will end when the season is over,Pollens , grass, reeds can all cause a problem.

I would also try changing the food back to what it was before the problem started and it does take a couple of months for food allergies to dissipate. This would be the cheapest and easiest way to start the process as it is a process of elimination when it comes to allergies unless tests are performed

You can try giving Benadryl as this is often used for allergies and I might invest in booties for him to protect his feet as over time the licking will cause rawness.

Here is dosing on Benadryl and be sure to use only Benadryl allergy not the allergy/sinus

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He isn't experiencing any bowl changes. He is my service dog and i am not sure benadryl will be a good thing for him to be on

I am not sure what you mean by bowel changes? IF you feel that Benadryl will make him ill then surely do not use it as it is always advised to talk to your vet before using any over the counter meds , but this is typically what is used for allergies. I would try the change of food first. Then have the tests done to be sure if the scrathing and licking of the paws does not change. If it is seasonal allergies you will want to know if the climate you are now in is producing something that your dog's system can't handle.

Here is more on seasonal allergies

And food allergies can be found here

IF you are not adding omega fatty acids to the daily diet I would try this as it can help with skin and coat. Fish oil gel tabs or derm caps are good for this.

the shampoo can dry out skin which can also cause scratching so an oatmeal shampoo is best to use for this but if it is flaky skin then you may be looking at dry skin or seborrhea in which case you might want to use a shampoo like Selsun Blue made for humans here is more on seborrhea

I do have to run up to the vet myself now but will look for any replies from you when I return home.
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