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My dog was playing with 2 other dogs, and one of the dogs collided

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My dog was playing with 2 other dogs, and one of the dogs collided with her at a good bit of speed. She fell down but continued to walk, and half run for a bit, but was noticeably slower. We took her home and she rested on it all night, but this morning she cannot put weight on her front leg and whimpered when she tried.

I felt around her shoulder and elbow but she did not acknowledge any pain in those areas. I have put an ice pack on the shoulder area.

Does this seem like soft tissue damage from a collision, or more serious. How long should I wait before going to vet?
Hello, and thanks for writing in. Sorry to hear this happened to Tessa.
There are a few possible causes for the limping, such as a fracture (possibly even a hairline fracture, which may not be palpated, and may not result in overt pain), a dislocated joint (less likely), or a soft tissue injury (i.e. sprain, strain, bruise, etc.)
I would say that if the limping is not improved at all (or worsens) within 1-2 days, Tessa should be examined by a veterinarian. X-rays may be needed to see if there is more going on that needs to be addressed.
In the meantime, using an ice pack on the area is great - you can do this for a few minutes at a time, a few times a day to help with any swelling and inflammation. I would also restrict activity for the next couple days to rest the leg. Please don't give any human pain medications, as they can have potentially serious side effects.

I hope this helps.
Dr. Dave
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If she cannot put weight on it today to walk, is that a more urgent issue?


Or could it just be pain and tenderness from swelling?


Should I still wait 24-48 hrs?