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Candy, Veterinary Technician
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My healthy 10 yr old LH mini dachshund just started having

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My healthy 10 yr old LH mini dachshund just started having what appears to have a muscle spasm upon sudden forward motion ie running, jumping up etc. This does not happen everytime he moves and when he does, he will place his front legs out and bow. I have taken him to my vet twice and he has not done this movement when he was at the office. I am perplexed and very concerned.
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

I am sorry to hear that July is having some trouble?

Can you tell me what if any tests your vet has done?

How often does tis happen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

vet has not done anything other than physical manipulation. He does this every morning when he gets up to go outside, almost everytime he jumps up onto the back of the couch. I have a ramp leading up to the couch, he does not go up stairs and I try to limit his running

Thank you for the additional information.

Without some additional testing it would be hard to say for sure what is going on. I would be suspicious of Intervertebral disc disease which is very common in this breed said to effect 1 in 5 dachshunds. This is when the cushion between the disc in the neck and spine begin to harden and this will often cause muscle spasms, trouble running, jumping etc in the beginning stages.
Tumors on the spine, herniation of a disc or arthritis can also cause these problems.
Here is some additional information on disc disease

I would suggest starting with x rays of the spine to look for any changes such as compression , signs of arthritis etc. If the x rays are clean the next step would be a CT scan with a neurologist.

If he is not on a Glucosamine and omega fatty acid supplement then I would do this right away. The glucosamin will help lubricate the spine and joints and the omega fatty acids have natural anti inflammatory properties. One that we have found works great and is a combination of the two is Synovi G3 which you can get at most pet stores. LINK

I hope this helps give you some additional things to discuss with your vet. Please reply back if you have additional questions and I will be happy to continue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank You for your input, I have presently 5 doxies, so I know about IVDD. I had one that required surgery @ U of I 5 years ago , so unfortunately I have been there done that. I have never experienced one with symptoms like this. Again, Thank You. Jo

I apologize for the wait. I am in Florida and we are having some major storms and I lost electricity. The only other thing that I can think will make a dog go into a bowing position is pain in the abdomen but not sure why running and or jumping would cause this and this would not cause muscle spasms.

As I mentioned herniation of a disc or disc compression can also cause this as it can pinch a nerve. I would still suggest x rays to see if they can see any changes in the spine. It is also important to remember that not all spinal problems will present the same as it would depend on the area effected.

Please let me know ow things are going
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Hi Joann,

I'm just following up on our conversation about July. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

change on this end, I did forget to mention I have noticed this movement also when he was just sitting next to his water bowl and I had dropped some ice cubes in . The sound seemed to trigger this " electric shock" movement. I wondered if this could be a focal seizure? And if they are how can the vet Rx this without witnessing. I don't want to wait until it becomes a full blown seizure and am unable to run to my vet. I have 30yrs experience with people medicine, just not my fur kids meds, Thank You (light does not trigger it)

Hello. I apologize I was offline all weekend attending some CE classes. If a noise triggers it then it could be a focal seizure however I have never seen things like jumping and running cause seizures. If this is a seizure and it is happening this often then that is very concerning .

What I would do is try to get one of these episodes on video so your vet can see it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank You again so very much! Have a great week!

You are very welcome. Please keep me posted I would love to know the outcome and if the vet figures this out
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We went again to our vet, I thought I had a way to get him to react. Typical kid, we tried, but he did not act like anything was wrong. We are going to try Phenobarb for a few days to see if indeed it helps. I am to call on the 5th day to let them know outcome. It does make life interesting and scary. Once again, Thank You for the best service.

You are very welcome and Thank you for keeping me updated. I know exactly what you mean even my own pets act like nothing is wrong when I have to take them in

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. Please keep me posted on how and if the phenobarb helps. Give him a good belly rub from me
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Gave him a belly rubbins for you!! The Phenobarb has helped so far, weird but true. So far, so good!! Thank You for caring


Wow that is so odd but I am so glad that you noticed the reaction to the noise. . Thank you for giving him a belly rub and for the update
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You are great, and I guess this is one for the books!!

You are an angel