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Hi Lori,My cocker spaniel got into our suitcase and chewed

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Hi Lori, My cocker spaniel got into our suitcase and chewed the bottle and some of the pills are broken, we have traced our steps in how many pills were in the bottle and how many are left, we do not think she injested any. We also induced vomiting as soon as we found the pills. I can't afford to take her to the emergency vet and my local vet will not monitor her. Is there something we can do from home? Do I have a reason to be so concerned?  The medication was baclofen (muscle relaxer)

EmergencyVets :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer.. My name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian and will be happy to help you today..

EmergencyVets :

Baclofen can cause serious signs if consumed at a toxic dose..

EmergencyVets :

But since you dont think she got any and since you induced vomiting my gut instinct would say you are likely in the clear..

EmergencyVets :

For dogs who ingest toxic dosages there is a Lipid emulsion IV treatment that can help tremendously but again I do not think you will need to deal with nay of that.


this happened between 4 and 5 today and we induced right away, the pills were 20 mg, she is a 25 lb. dog, we have counted back and honestly don't believe she ate any, but at the most would have been 1 pill

EmergencyVets :

then you are in the clear if you still have not seen any changes in the first 4 hours after ingestion.

EmergencyVets :


Hope this helps.. Please don't hesitate to ask further questions if you have concerns or are not satisfied by my answer.. If no further questions please Rate and Accept my answer.. That and positive feedback are the only way I receive credit for my time.. Take care and good luck. Dr. Chad

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