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My Mini-Eskie has had a few seizures (5-6) in her first 2 years.

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My Mini-Eskie has had a few seizures (5-6) in her first 2 years. However, last Saturday night, she was sprayed in the face by a skunk. I have given her several baths and she is almost completely odor free, but I am still working on the main room where we kept her post-spray to remove the lingering odor. Cali has been having cluster seizures since Sunday. Can scent be a contributing factor? I have scheduled a vet visit for Saturday, but I saw your response to a seizure question - thought I'd get your opinion. Thx!
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer. Thank you for requesting me. Skunk spray could be a factor in seizures because dogs that are prone to seizures are often sensitive to various chemicals. Skunk spray is not just a scent, but it consists of several powerful, volatile chemicals. It's certainly possible for them to be a factor. You can read details about these chemicals here:

Stress can also be a factor in seizures. Being sprayed by a skunk in itself is stressful to many dogs. The repeated baths Cali had to go through to get rid of the smell may also have been stressful for her. Regardless of the cause, you've made the right decision to see your vet. If you have more questions, let me know in a REPLY. I hope Cali will be fine.


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