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Hi! We have a 7-year old Yorkie who seemed to have developed

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Hi! We have a 7-year old Yorkie who seemed to have developed two tender spots on her lower back (like where kidneys would be for humans). Sometimes, she yelps when we pick her up because we touched the sore spot. Two days ago, she didn't eat for a whole day (only slept). She started eating yesterday and also ate well today. But she didn't poop for two days (yesterday and today). I don't know what's going on. :(
HI there and thank you for your question. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. I suspect that we are dealing with back pain such as a slipped disc. The muscles of the back and abdomen support this area, so it can seem painful in surrounding areas. Typically, when they have back pain, they will not move as much, not eat as much, drink a lot, and not poop because it hurts to posture to poop. They will also sometimes avoid doing stairs and avoid jumping up or down from furniture. These conditions can be very painful, and over the counter medications are not good for dogs (especially very small dogs). I would take her to a vet as soon as you can and have them perform a neurologic exam and then get her on some pain medications. In the meantime, keep her as still as possible- no running or jumping. Hope this helps... best of luck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I forgot to mention that she has been diagnosed with Tracheal collapse but we have meds from her vet for that. The tender spots are not prominent constantly (they are no visible now and not tender at all). But they tend to show up after we take her out for a walk and she comes back hot and panting from the walk (temps have been really high here in Korea). Our Yorkie has this habit of peeing and pooping outside and never in the house. So far, she pees quite ok now, light yellow in color. She has been eating regularly now and drinking water.

It sounds like muscles that are spasming (they will appear larger than normal), and I still suspect this is in response to back pain. I would see a vet to confirm, but this is my suspicion based on what you have described.
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