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Dr. Wally
Dr. Wally, Dog Veterinarian
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I have a rat terrier mix. Around 20 lbs. I have not changed

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I have a rat terrier mix. Around 20 lbs. I have not changed her diet in 5 years. She seems to have psoriasis . Scales skin and shedding. I have tried oatmeal baths on er and it seems to help some what with the itching. Can I use clobetsol propionate foam on her? Can that help?

Dr. Wally : Good evening! I'd like to help with your problem
Customer: Thanks
Customer: Are you there?
Customer: Hello
Dr. Wally : Yes! Here. When did the symptoms start? A there bumps or just dandruff flakes?
Customer: What other information can I give you on this?
Customer: no bumps just very dry skin. And patches of her hair coming off. The husband hunts and is familiar with mange and says is not that
Dr. Wally : You cannot rule out mange by sight, but it is very unlikely given the age of this dog. Most likely we are dealing with one of two things. Fleas or allergies.
Customer: she had a dry spot under her chin a couple of months ago and I took her to bye vet
Dr. Wally : If you have used a good flea product religiously for the past few months, we can rule that out.
Dr. Wally : if you have not been using flea control, you may be dealing with a reaction to flea bites. This can happen even after the fleas are gone
Dr. Wally : Allergies can be seasonal or food related.
Dr. Wally : o
Customer: they put her on a medicated shampoo. Was ok for awhile until we have had all this hot weather the last 3 weeks.
Customer: Treated her with flea med.
Customer: no fleas is a house dog
Dr. Wally : Sounds like environmental allergies which can lead to yeast infections. Topical shampoos help but you will need something stronger if you are to keep this under control.
Dr. Wally : fleas do not respect borders. Use a flea cton
Dr. Wally : Sorry...control product
Customer: I used Benadryl and not sure it really helps. Itches occasional. Not bad tho sleeps ok
Dr. Wally : Antihistamines are too weak, so Benadryl won't help much. Ask your vet about a short course of low dose steroid.
Customer: Ok was hoping not to have to go there and save the expense.
Dr. Wally : If the areas are small you can use a topical steroid called hydrocortisone. Otherwise, ask your vet.
Dr. Wally : Thank you for your question. Be sure to click ACCEPT so I can get credit for my answer.
Customer: Sure thanks. If she licks where the hydrocortisone will it make her sick?
Dr. Wally : N, but keep a shirt over the area or a cone on her head until it can soak in a bit
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