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Jane Lefler
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my female was EXTREMELY receptive to the male and the male

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my female was EXTREMELY receptive to the male and the male was DEFINITELY interested. I'm positive timing was right. Attempts were made several days over a span of 1 week. However, every time a positive "connection" occurred he would rapidly dance then pull out and deposit on the floor. Never had this happen in all the years I have bred different breeds of dogs. WT???
Hi Sir or Madam,.

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It sounds like it was definitely the right time. Let me ask you some questions. It may take me 30 minutes to type up your response or longer after I receive your responses.


Has the male successfully reproduced before naturally?

I'm assuming by dance, you mean hump furiously. By deposit, did he actually spill a lot of semen on the floor?

Did he have a large swelling in front of his testicles?

Is mom larger than Dad?

Is she still in the right phase of heat?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

male 2 1/2 (not related) first breeding for him as well. Yes--hump furiously (left/right foot). Yes the swelling did occur. female VERY slightly taller but I know for a fact there was penetration so that should have not been a factor. No longer in the right phase. They "performed" right thru the proper phase. Same results each time. She is now done. Don't know if she caught any by accident. What was deposited on the floor was not a tremendous amount but not sure how much to expect since I usually did not have them dump it on the floor---sorry---not sure how else to put that. If I had to guess I would say about 2-4 ml?



Thanks for the additional information, it is helpful. While there wasn't a tie, it is still possible for her to become pregnant. It isn't as common an occurrence as when a tie occurs but can happen. It sounds like he wasn't fully inside her when the bulbis gland expanded and thus was unable to achieve a tie. This usually happens when a male is smaller than a female or the female keeps shifting their rear.
There isn't much you can do at this point but get her tested in about a month to see if she is pregnant or wait it out. However, for the next time, you might want to consider a different stud for her and try the male with a smaller female to see if he has any problems with a smaller mate.
There are three fractions to the ejaculations. The first is pre-sperm and slightly cloudy with a volume of .5 to 2ml, the second rfaction is cloudy and sperm rich and the combined total of pre-sperm and sperm faction is up to 6ml. Now the third fraction is mostly clear and usually not collected when manually collecting sperm. That can be a couple of ml as well.
In my experience, most ties are 15 minutes or longer, but I have seen much shorter ties and one that was only a few minutes long. So it may be that ejaculated inside and have a very short tie and pumped the final fraction fluid onto the floor. Without examining the fluid, it would be hard to say. Perhaps you have a clue since you did observe it.
If you definitely want a breeding between these two, you might try keeping her relatively inactive during the mating and even sliding her rear paws forward to drop her bottom to help him get a better connection. If that fails, you might try your hand at artificial insemination. I know I was apprehensive the first time I performed sperm collection and AI, but you quickly gain experience and it goes pretty quickly once you have some experience. .

Here is an excellent site on this.

You can purchase kits from here:

Ai video


Of course, your vet can also perform the Artificial insemination if you don't wish to do this and usually at a pretty reasonable cost.


I hope this information is helpful to you and you are satisfied with my response. If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don’t hesitate to press the reply to expert or continue conversation button so I can address any issues you still have .


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