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We have an American Bull Dog who all of a sudden wont walk.

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We have an American Bull Dog who all of a sudden won't walk. She seems alert, but we had to carry her in the house from the yard. She is now just laying on her bed. she doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. She did have Booster and 3 year Rabies vaccine 5 days ago. any ideas?
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

Will she try to walk, if so does she stumble?

Any head tilt?

Do her eyes look normal?

Any chance she was injured or got into something toxic

What color are her gums?

Can you take a rectal temp?

Is she spayed?

Does her abdomen seem larger or harder then normal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Her eyes seem normal, no tilt to her head, we just moved into a new house a week ago, I haven't seen anything toxic, but may be a possibility,though I think slight. Her gums look normal, don't have a thermometer and her stomach seems normal. She is holding her tale between her legs, which is not normal for her. She loves getting into trash. She may have grabbed diaper from pork ribs we had for dinner. trash. would have to go out and sift through trash.


Hope this helps,



Thank you for the additional information.

Just a few more , I apologize I want to try to eliminate some thing for you.

Is she spayed if not when was her last heat cycle?
Will she try to walk if so what does she do

If you have someone to help could you hold her up by placing your hands under the abdomen. With you thumb and forefinger apply pressure all the way down the spine ( apply one finger on each side of the spine) do this from the neck to the base of the tail and tell me if you get any pain response, it may be a simple as her tucking her back . Then take each paw and flip it upside down on the floor so that the top of the paw is touching the floor and tell me if she immediately rights the foot or it take a few seconds for her to flip it back over.

Next press on the abdomen and see if that seems painful?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

she is spayed.

were you able to to the other tests I asked for and can you please tell me if she will even try to walk
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She will walk if forced to. She showed no sign of pain when I ran my fingers down her spine. When I flipped her paws she immediately flipped them back. She did not react to my pressing on her belly, but she is now whining.


I'm thinking she has a belly ache???

OK thank you very much. I was trying to eliminate a disc problem in the spine which is appears you did so that is a good thing.

It is possible that she has a belly ache especially if she ate something like a diaper from the pork package. If she ate any bad food it is also possible that this could be garbage toxicity which can cause neurological signs,
'Click here

One concern would be that if she did eat the pork diaper this can become lodged in the intestines and could require surgery to remove it.
What you can try tonight is Gas X 1 adult dose and Pepcid AC 1 20mg tablet. If she will eat anything you can give either canned pumpkin or 2 pieces of whole grain breed to try to get this to push through the digestive tract. If she is not better by morning, is still refusing to walk,refuses to eat, vomits or does not pass stool then she need to be seen immediately by the vet.

I hope this helps, Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns and I will be happy to continue
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