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Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, Veterinarian
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My dog was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago. Since insulin

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My dog was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago. Since insulin therapy he has had 6 seizures. We had glucose levels checked after 2 of them. One test immediately after showed 50 which was hypoglycemic. The second test was 1 hour after the seizure. He had a slight high level of 160. Can levels rise following a seizure? I read that can happen. My vet now says my dog is epileptic but i am skeptical because he never seizured before insulin. I am thinking I should get a second opinion. My vet wants me to increase insulin. Humans test at every meal and I give my dog the same dose without testing. I don't think I could self test because the vet could not get blood by lancing. Any suggestions?

Drew :

Hello, thanks for your question today! I am Dr. Drew, and I am a licensed veterinarian. I'll be happy to help you in any way I can.

Drew :

Glucose levels CAN rise during a seizure, as there is release of adrenaline, which can cause secondary high glucose levels.

Drew :

I do agree with your suspicion that a second opinion sounds like a good idea --

Drew :

calling this epilepsy is not likely to be an accurate assessment.

Drew :

And I certainly would NOT feel comfortable suggesting an increase in the insulin dose, based on what you have described!

Customer: I am thinking about trying to monitor this myself watching water intake. He is on a high protein diet and weather permitting I try to walk him daily. My feeling is his insulin dose may be slightly high and he doesn't eat exactly the same at every meal. What would you do if he was your patient?
Drew :

If he was my patient, I'd back off a bit on the insulin dosage, and encourage you to purchase a glucose meter for at-home testing, and we'd try to come up with a dose that works.

Customer: Is it hard to draw blood? My vet tried to lance his ear with no luck.
Drew :

I suggest using the inner upper lip.

Drew :

it's an easy place to get a droplet of blood, and most dogs don't mind it much.

Customer: Thanks for your help. I feel like my instincts are right.
Drew :

you're very welcome -- I agree with that statement, I think you should trust your instincts.

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