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My XXXXX XXXXX/Cairn came on a roughly 7 mile round trip hike

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My XXXXX XXXXX/Cairn came on a roughly 7 mile round trip hike up and down a mountain yesterday. She was peppy most of the time but at times panted heavily and layed in shade. We'd rest a minute and then i'd just carry her either in my arms or in my backpack with her head out of the side, lots of room on the zipper no choking. When walking the ground was pretty dry and i know she breathed in some fine dirt, maybe a moderate amount even. She just seems very lame and sleepy now. It is now 10:34am and we got off the mountain yesterday around 3pm. She has been sleeping basically ever since, aside from a bath and eating and drinking. After the bath she was, as usual, very peppy and ran around the house drying herself off on the rug and couch. When i bring out treats she perks up. Once both situations are done she becomes lame again and is even slightly limp when i pick her up. I just want to make sure she is just recovering from a lot of exercise, like a human who worked out really hard, and not something more serious.
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

I am sorry to hear Harley is not feeling herself today, I just have a few questions so I can better assist you.

What was the temp during your hike?

What color are her gums?

Any vomiting and or diarrhea?

Other then the treats has she eaten a normal meal since returning?

Can you take a rectal temp?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I actually have no thermometer but can get one easily if it helps. Yesterday she had some chicken breast when we got back (and a french fry...i'm a pushover). Today she has had one dental treat and some chicken breast and chicken broth (licked the bowl after i had soup), and when i just got out the Beneful Chicken and Veggies wet food container she jumped out of bed and went at it.


Her gums are pink with brown spots (pretty normal looking but she is letting me look without protest which isn't normal).


The temp during the hike was probably 75ish but it was an alpine hike and we had a very steady breeze, felt like 65-70.


There was clear mucus vomit yesterday during the hike with the sand in it, which is how i knew she was ingesting it from being close to the ground. No diarrhea, her poop was healthy looking.

Thank you very much for the additional information.

I asked about the temp just to be sure that this was not related to heat exhaustion/heat stroke and it sounds like it was not to hot for the hike.
The fact that she is willing to eat and is not having any vomiting or diarrhea are all good signs that this is most likely just due to over exerting herself yesterday and is just worn out.Must have been one good hike because it is not easy to wear this breed out.

I would just keep an eye on her for the rest of the day. If just due to over exertion then she should be back to her old self y tomorrow. I would be a good idea to take a temp just to be sure it is normal. Normal is 100.5-102.5 anything over 103.5 or under 100 requires veterinary care.

I would just let her rest make sure she is eating and not getting over heated. If her temp is off, she stops eating has any vomiting or does not perk back up I would have her seen by a vet as it is possible for them to inhale dangerous fungal spores such as the ones that cause Valley Fever( depending on where you live) and sand can be inhaled in to the lungs.

I hope she feels better soon/. I will be on until late tonight so if you see anything that worries you please do not hesitate to come back to this thread and I will be happy to help. Please reply back if you have additional questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On the valley fever thing, we were climbing a spur of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Does that mean anything to you? haha, just checking!

Sorry for the delay I had to check the CDC site for that area. It looks like there have been a few documented cases in that area over the last 2 years especially during very dry weather . You would not see effects right away but I am going to give you some information to go over just so you know the possible symptoms LINK
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I'm just following up on our conversation about Harley. How is everything going?