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We just can home from 4th of July vacation to find our 8 year

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We just can home from 4th of July vacation to find our 8 year old chiuhauau with an inability to stand and a diffuse rash on her underside from her tail to her neck that is raised, red with yellow center and what appears to be phelbitis(?). SHe normally is very hyper and shittish, but is allowing us to pick her up, bathe her and examine her. The rash is not warm or feverish. We also just found a tick on her neck and have removed it.

Any answers or directions would be appreciated...


Is Princess having any other symptoms other than the rash and inability to walk?

Was the tick engorged?

Was she wilth you while you were away for the 4th of July?

What State are you in?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The tick was engorged. She was her at the house in an outside pen and tended to by a person we hired to feed her, the other dogs and goats we have. Not eating and she will ust flop when she tries to stand. Her pupils are not equal, but she has been that way since we got her.



She is showing symptoms of Tick Paralysis. The tick usually is on the dog for about 5-7 days and gets engorged before the signs show. She needs to be seen by a Vet today if possible. The Toxins given off by the tick is affecting her neuro motor function. I am not sure if the rash is related, but the inability to stand, her pupils not being equal and the lethargy are all signs of the Tick paralysis. You can read more about this here: Tick borne diseases are very dangerous and if she is not treated she can continue to get worse. On a positive note, getting the tick off her stops the input of the toxin into the body. If you do not have an ER Vet I can locate one with a City, State and Zipcode. I would also check the other animals for ticks, because they are all susceptable to this type of problem from a tick. Once you have Princess treated, I would be sure she is on a Topical treatment to help prevent tick bites. Please let me know if you need an ER Vet, and if you have further questions. This is some information on Tick Borne Diseases in Dogs: Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



You are welcome. It is important when it comes to tick bites that the animals be checked over well. You will also need to watch for tick getting on you or the family members, since they do not descriminate and can cause tick borne illness in humans as well as animals. My goal goal is to give you 100% Excellent Service. I will check in on Princess in a few days to see how she is recovering. Joan

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