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Have a 20-lb chaweinie, about 4.5 years. Hes been feeling

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Have a 20-lb chaweinie, about 4.5 years. He's been feeling bad for a couple of week, off his food, isolating himself and licking in back paw a lot. Just noticed that he's fine walking on concrete but hates grass and that he lifts his back left leg and limps on grass. I can't really see anything wrong, but if I look at him like I want to see he runs away
Hello, I am sorry no one was availale to help you earlier. I just sign on and saw your question. If you would still like help I would be happy to assist you with Dobbie today I just have a few questions.

When you say he is off his food is he eating at all?

How many days have you been giving aspirin and how much?

Have you been able to get a good look at the foot especially between the toes and the pads?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I''ve given him low dow aspirin for three days as he's gotten much worse in the last 4 or 5 days -- He hates it when I look at his feet and fights and then goes off by himself if I even try, but I did look carefulyl three or four days ago -- couldn't see anything on his pads, but he is constantly licking that paw. I will try one more time to look.

He is eating a little, but that too has gotten worse, though his bowel movements seem ok on that front. I can tell that he really feels bad in general. Sorry, it was late last night, and I've got a feeling that he's going to have to go to a vet tomorrow anyway. I wanted to avoid taking him as he had a horrible experience a few months ago with an infected anal gland, and don't think he'll even let me get him in there.

Thank you for the additional information.

If he is holding the foot up only when going in the grass and is licking the paw then I would be concerned that either he received some type of bite or sting when in the grass or that there may be something such as a fox tail( type of grass seed) stuck in the foot. I too live on the gulf coast and we have seen a few dogs recently with fox tails in the feet and face. If that is the case you may not be able to see it. Sometimes they will work themselves out the top of the foot but in some cases we actually have to sedate the dog and make a tiny incision to find them.

I am concerned about the not eating as this is not normally a problem with a simple bug bite but some dogs will stop eating if they are in pain.The fact that the pain is getting worse is also concerning and as mentioned above I would be more suspicious of something stuck in the foot.

Aspirin can also cause them to loose their appetite and this is not something that is recommended for more then 2-3 days as it can cause stomach ulcers. The normal dosing for this is 5mgs per pound of body weight not to exceed 10mgs per pound. I am not sure how much your little one weighs so be sure you are not giving to much. It is also important that if he needs to go to the vet that you tell the vet that he has had aspirin as this prevents the vet from giving dog safe anti inflammatory medications for 7 days.Click here for information on the use of aspirin in dogs and possible side effects. LINK

What you may want to try is stopping the aspirin and try oral Benadryl at a dose of 1-2 mgs per pound of body weight every 8-12 hours. Soak the paw in epsom salt water for 5-10 minutes 2-3 times per day. For a small dog the easiest way to do this is just put a small amount of water in the sink and allow them to stand in it.
Offer a bland diet for the next few days of boiled chicken or hamburger and rice in small meals several times per day.

If switching to the Benadryl and soaking the foot does not show any improvement in the next 3 days or the appetite does not return once stopping the aspirin then I would suggest having him seen by the vet.

I hope this helps and he feels better soon. Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, will stop the aspirin -- he's 20 lbs, and I have 25mg benadryl capsules -- is that too much at once? the asprin was Bayer 81mg, but I will stop that -- I don't know if it's just that he's a combination of two very nervous dogs, so he's just overly sensitive in general or if he's really getting sick, but I'm getting worried. He won't eat anything this morning, not even canned food, I suspect he will eat a beef treat, is that ok until I get to the store, as I'm having some of my own health problems? He still will go for a walk, but was shaking after I just looked at his paw and was petting him and is totally isolating himself from me and the other pets. I actually think this has been going on for a couple of weeks. Just didn't notice the limping until just before the holiday. He was acting funny and not eating right two weeks ago, but he still loved to walk, so I thought it might be the heat. I feel that he should go to the vet tomorrow, but hate to do that to him as he really was super traumatized last time, but I think I'll take him to another vet. As far as soaking the paw, is the trauma worth the benefit? thanks for your help. We do walk a lot on grass, so a foxtail seed would definitely be possible.

That amount of aspirin would be in the safe zone for him but it may be causing more stomach upset so stopping is good. As for soaking the foot it would be helpful but if standing in the sink or tub would e to stressful then I would not force it. If the beef treat is a dog treat then that is fine for him to eat but if human I would avoid it due to the possible spices. 25mg of Benadryl would be fine.

If he has not been eating right fr a few weeks then it would be best to have him seen when you can as it may not be related to the limping.

Please keep me posted on how he is doing and tell him I am sorry he is not feeling well and is so afraid
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, and thanks so much -- I googled foxtails and dogs and got a very good article -- I seem to be lucky that it's in the foot and not internal, think his loss of appetite is pain. Sound like it can be horrible if it gets internal, don't think thats a problem with him but it probably has been burrowing for two week, so it's deep in the foot.

This seed must be new down here in alabama as it seems to be more common out west. I will give him benadryl and soak in warm salt water until I can get epsom salts -- is salt water ok. You have been really helpful, and I am very grateful. Will let you know. And I'm letting my friends with hunting dogs know as well.


Here is link i found. thanks again.


Sorry for the delay I had to step away from the computer to make diner. Salt water will work just fine. That is a great article on the fox tail I really like that entire site ( the whole dog journal) The foxtails can be horrible thankfully most are just under the skin but we have seen a few that dogs have inhaled through the nose that have caused serious complications.

You are very welcome and I hope that he starts feeling better soon.
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