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We have a seemingly healthy (there was a bit of lethargy in

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We have a seemingly healthy (there was a bit of lethargy in the last week) 7 year old male Welsh Terrier that was diagnosed yesterday with an enlarged heart. Other than that he really doesn't like hot weather, there are no signs of symptoms. What are our best options for treatment and his prognosis. He is greatly loved, and we will do what needs to be done for him.
Did they hear a murmur?

I would suggest that you have your vet refer you to a specialist for an echo/ultrasound, EKG, and blood pressure. They can determine if there are any issues at all and ease your mind or determine beyond a doubt whether he needs medications at this time. Otherwise, keep him on a proper diet, keep his weight down, and you may want to consider starting him on CoQ10 30mg 3 X daily to help protect his heart.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! Any changes to exercise regimen? He walks, chases bubbles, and laser, does water play with the hose, day camp, various games that test his intelligence... besides his dog food, he also gets a bite or two of what we eat. Any changes to any of this?

Continue the exercise as long as he tolerates it. Sometimes a heart can appear enlarged on radiographs due to rotation or other changes not necessarily related to the dog. If he is healthy otherwise and he doesn't seem to get winded from exercise then he is free to do what he wants. It will keep his heart and the rest of his circulatory system running smoothly.

Ideally, we would stop any table foods that are not low fat, being sure they are unsalted and non buttered as well. Baked or grilled white meat chicken is fine.

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