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my 6 year old Labrador was diagnosed with Hansen type 3. He

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my 6 year old Labrador was diagnosed with Hansen type 3. He has deep pain sensation in his back legs but cannot stand. This happened a day ago with treatment beginning at 4am. what is the prognosis for this injury?  he was diagnosed by mri

Theresa :

What type of treatment is he receiving currently?

Theresa :

Does he have any motor?

Theresa :

Is he in significant pain?

Theresa :

Have you already had an evaluation with a surgeon?

Customer: He can sit up & he is currently receiving pain meds & anti-inflammatory meds. Was
Customer: we did consult with surgeon & he did say surgery for this is not necessary since
Customer: we did consult & were told surgery was not needed since this is more of a bruise. He does
I switched this to question/answer format instead of chat format because some clients have issues with it running smoothly. Please respond to the questions above and then we will proceed from there.

Thank you

If he still has motor then his odds improve. Getting the inflammation down as soon as possible will lead to a greater outcome. If surgery is not an option then I would consider talking to your vet about trying IV DMSO. It is an anti inflammatory more commonly used in large animals that has shown some promising results. Make sure he is as calm as possible and restricted from movement as much as possible. Most people choose to crate their pets during this time. It can take up to 2-3 months for complete recovery. As the bruising resorbs and inflammation decreases you should see significant signs of improvement within the week. Since your surgeon has stated that it is only a bruise then my hope would be that he is correct for one and that within 4-6 weeks he would be nearly at 85% of normal.

In his situation you will need to be sure that he is able to urinate on his own as well. If not then you will have to express him to relieve his bladder to prevent over flow and infection.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
When you say motor, is that his deep pain response? He can get him self to a sitting position. He did have some movement in his back legs, he just can't stand. Did you ever see a dog with this condition & do they generally recover?
Motor is movement in the back legs. They may not be able to place them right but they do move. If as the surgeon said it is simply bruising and there is no disc extrusion then he should recover well. That being said there is no guarantee that he will regain all of his motor and strength and he could struggle. But this is a game of patience and strength. He could have weeks of recovery or months. In first incidents I have found in our hospital those patients that do not under go surgery but still have motor and deep pain that 65-75% improve to near normal. If he were to lose motor it is of utmost importance that he be reevaluated as the spinal cord is becoming more compressed. This reevaluation should be done within 1-2 hours after the loss of motor.

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